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Gahyeon (Dreamcatcher) Profile & Facts: Full Guide

Gahyeon (dreamcatcher) profile & Facts : Appearance Profile Real Name Lee Ga Hyeon Stage Name Gahyeon Other Korean Name blank Occupation Singer, Vocalist Born in 16, January, 1996 Zodiac sign Aquarius Birth place Seongnam City, in South Korea Height (approx) 160 cm (5 Feet 3 inches) Weight (approx) 58 kg (128lbs Education Hanlim Arts High School Blood AB genres K-pop, Hip Hop, Dance Pop Labels Dreamcatcher Company Group DreamCatcher Facts She was born in South Korea’s Seongnam city. She is the only member in the group who wasn’t a member of the MINX group. Her cute nickname is Gahyeonie. She was a former trainee of FNC. For three years she was an Honors student. She was good in studies and very good in maths. She has good friendship with Dahyun from twice and Miyeon from (G)I-DLE. In the group she makes the best seaweed soup.  She is friends of Yehana from Pristin, Jane from momoland, chaewon from April and yeji from itzy.  Gahyeon can imitat

Lisa (blackpink) Or Lalisa: profile & Facts

Lisa profile (Blackpink) or Lalisa Bio, facts, Favorite Profile Real Name Lalisa Manobal, Pranpriya Manobal Stage Name Lisa Other Korean Name Lili, Lalice, Pakpak Occupation Rapper, Singer, Dancer Born in 27, March, 1997 Zodiac sign Aries (western sign) Birth place Buriram, in Thailand Height (approx) 166.5 cm (5ft 5.6inch) Weight (approx) 44.7 kg (98.5 lbs) Education Praphamontree School Career Singer genres K-pop Labels YG Entertainment Group Blackpink Fact Lisa was born in the Buriram town of Thailand but later at the age of 3 she moved to Bangkok. She is the only child for her parents.  Her stepfather is one of the top chef certified by Swiss chef in Thailand and her Stepfather name is Marco Bruschweiler. One of her names was Pranpriya and her friends called her by the nickname Pockpak but due to fortune telling it was changed to Lalisa. She has been friends with BamBam since childhood as they were both a dance member in “We Jaa Cool”

RM (BTS) profile Guide, Facts & Favourite (2023)

RM (BTS) Profile with full Guide : Facts Profile Real Name Kim Nam Joon  Stage Name Rap Monster Other Korean Name Jeong Ho-seok, Chǒng Hosǒk Occupation Rapper, Dancer Born in September 12, 1994 Zodiac sign Virgo Birth place Ilsan, Gyeonggi-d, South Korea Height (approx) 180 cm (5’11”) Weight (approx) 76 kg (167 lbs) Education Apgujeong High School, Global Cyber University Career Musician genres K-pop, Hip Hop Labels Big hit company Group BTS Rm is main rapper and oldest BTS Members since 2010. He is the leader of Bangtan Boys. He is a song writer and also a music producer. His Rapping skill is very amazing that’s why Fans call him rap monster. His actual name is "KIM NAM JOON". RM Old stage name was Rap monster. on 13 November 2017, In group’s official fan cafe Rap Monster wrote a message announcing that he changed his stage name from Rap Monster to RM, stand for “Real Me”. He collaborated with many american and kpop artists. On

Baekhyun profile Exo: Facts , height & weight

Baekhyun Profile Exo: Baekhyun Profile & Facts Profile Real Name Byun Baek Hyun Stage Name Baekhyun Occupation Song-writer, Singer Born in 6 May 1992 Zodiac sign Gemini Birth place Bucheon City, in Gyeonggi Province, in South Korea Height (approx) 174 cm ( 5 feet 8 inches) Weight (approx) 61 kg ( 124lbs) Blood type AB genres K-pop Labels SM Entertainment Group EXO Facts Baekhyun has a brother, elder to him. He got his education from the Jungwon High School and from the Kyung Hee cyber university . His personality is amazing and powerful. His voice on stage is charismatic. Off stage, he is a bright and cheerful kind of person. Baekhyun has one Popular nickname that is bacon. He was picked up by the SM from the front gate of his school and the SM representative asked him if he wanted to join the SM. In 2011, he Joined the SM entertainment. His favorite hobbies are playing piano, listening to music, singing, watch film and Aikido. He likes all types of foods a

Kai profile (Exo) Facts and Height

Kai Profile (Exo) & Facts : Kai member of Exo Profile Real Name Kim Jong In Stage Name Kai Occupation Song-writer, Singer Born in 14 Jan 1994 Zodiac sign Capricorn Birth place Suncheon city, Jeollanam-do Province, in South Korea Height (approx) 180 cm ( 5 feet 11 inches) Weight (approx) 68kg ( 150lbs) Blood type AB genres K-pop Labels SM Entertainment Group EXO Facts Kai has 2 elder sister, one is 5 years older than him and another sister is 9 years older.  He completed his education from the Seoul Arts high school. After winning the “Youth Best Contest” (organised by SM) in 2007, SM Entertainment cast him. He is the first member to be introduced to EXO-K.  He appeared in almost 13 EXO teaser before he finally debuted for the EXO.  Kai has amazing dancing skills in: ballet, hip hop,Locking, Popping and jazz.  He has funny Nickname ‘Kkamjong’ (which means dark skin)and another name is dark skin.  Some people may think like that he is arrogant and cold hearte

Sehun (Exo Member) profile and Facts about him

Sehun Profile Exo : Sehun Facts Favourite Profile Real Name Kim Jong In Stage Name Sehun, Oh Se-hun Occupation Song-writer, Rapper, Actor, Singer Born in 12 April 1994 Zodiac sign Aries Birth place Seoul city, in South Korea Height (approx) 183 cm ( 6 feet) Weight (approx) 70 kg ( 154 lbs) Blood type AB genres K-pop Labels SM Entertainment Group EXO Facts Sehun was born in Seoul city, in South Korea He has one elder brother, 3 years older than him. Sehun completed his education from Seoul Arts High school. When was just 12 years old he was scouted on the street by the agents of the companies. In 2008 he joined SM entertainment. Before joining the SM he has given 4 auditions in two years. On 10th  jan , 2012, he was officially introduced by the EXO members. He also has some cute and funny Nicknames such as White skin x and senshine. Sehun is a considerate, shy, sincere and mischievous type of person. He really cares about each and every m

Chen profile (EXO) : Facts, childhood, height

Chen profile Exo : Chen Height & weight, Facts Profile Real Name Kim Jong Dae Stage Name Chen Occupation Song-writer, Singer Born in 21, Sep, 1992 Zodiac sign Virgo Birth place Siheung city, of Gyeonggi province, in South Korea Height (approx) 173 cm ( 5 feet 8 inches) Weight (approx) 56kg ( 123lbs) Blood type AB genres K-pop Labels SM Entertainment Group EXO Facts Chen has one elder brother. He completed his graduation from Hanyang Cyber University with an advertisement Media MBA course.  Chen is a gentle, kind, prankster, hyper, polite, stubborn, cheerful, witty and cheerful kind of person. He has a habit that whenever he laughs he sticks out his tongue.  In fact, he is very good at singing high pitch notes.  Chen’s father is also an main vocalist.  In 2011, he joined SM Entertainment when an agent started scouting him. He was giving an audition for a music conservatory before joining the SM entertainment.  If Chen hadn’t been part of an EXO member he wou