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Blackpink members Profile, facts and ideal type, records

Blackpink Members Profile: Blackpink Members

Blackpink members profile  Facts and Ideal type

Blackpink members currently are Lisa, Jennie, Rose, and Jisoo and they made their debut with ” Square one” single album.

BLACKPINK is a south Korean girl group under YG Entertainment and their music genre is Kpop, Hip Hop, EDM, trap. It’s one of the most popular Kpop group right now after BTS .

BLACKPINK Fandom Name is : BLINK

After three week of debut, they got second place just behind the EXO for Brand Endorsement and this study was done by Institute of Corporate Reputation on August 2016.

Blackpink Members profile

1. Lisa

Lisa A beautiful Singer of BLACKPINK

Real name Pranpriya Manoban/ Lalisa
Stage nameNancy
Born in27 March 1997
Height 166 cm( 5 feet 6 inches) 
weight45 kg ( 99lbs) 

Her birthplace is in Buriram Province, Thailand.

At the age of three, she moved to Bangkok.

She is very good at playing piano and guitar.

Her stepfather is a top certified Swiss chef in Thailand , named Marco Brueschweiler.

Her former name was Pranpriya and her friends used to call her PockPack but later it was changed because of fortune teller.

In 2010, she was the Only contestant selected for YG in the YG Audition in Thailand.

She Loves photography.

She likes selfies a lot and most of the time she takes pics of other blackpink members.

Her new Nickname is ” LaLi Con” because she cheated in board games.

She wants to participate in the “Hit the stage” Which is a dancing show and she thinks that this show is for the dancer like her.

Favorite music is pop genre music.

She has close friendship with BamBam(GOT7) from her childhood and they were part of dance group We Zaa cool.

On April, 2011 she joined as a trainee when she was in middle school and trained for 5 years continuously.

Her name was revealed as a second member of the Blackpink.

Can speak English, Korean , thai, Japanese and also basic Mandarin.

“Ox” is her Chinese zodiac symbol.

In her birthplace she referred as a “Thailand princess” Because of her beauty.

Other Blackpink members said that she’s very mischievous and playful off stage.

Favorite food is French Fries.

27 is Favorite number because it’s her birth date.

She loves make-up a lot.

She can also play Ukulele.

Favorite dish is Gamjatang which is a soup of spicy pork spine.

She has good friendship with BamBam (GOT7), , Sorn (CLC), Ten(NCT), Minnie((G)|-DLE),.

Appeared in musical video of Taeyang(BIGBANG).

From 2014 to 2017 , she acted in commercials film “NONA9ON”.

Part of casting members for the show ” Real Men 300″.

She also prefer cute and charming guys .

If Lisa was a guy than she would like to date jennie because bold and sexy.

In 2018, she Ranked at 9th spot on TC candler for the “The 100 Most Beautiful Faces”.

In 2019 she got 3rd position on the TC candler ” 100Most beautiful Faces “

Then next year, 2020, she ranked at 2nd place on TC candler “100 Most Beautiful Faces”.

For china idol producer 3 she was chosen as one of the mentor.

As a model for the South Korean cosmetics company Moonshot and later In 21 March 2018 she became their brand ambassador in China.

In january 2020 shw was hired for endorsement for the sportswear Brand Adidas SS20 season clothing range.

She became the Brand Ambassador of China’s largest dairy company “Mengniu Dairy’s”, in Zhengouli.

Selected as a global ambassador of celnic by the Hedi slimane (creative, artistic and image director of the celnic) which is a French Luxury Brand.

Lisa’s ideal guy: likes older guy’s who will take care of her. He will be kind and can cook very well and also support her.

2. Jennie

Jennie Cute and gorgeous members of BLACKPINK

Real nameJennie Kim
Stage nameJennie
Born in16 Jan 1996
Height 163 cm( 5 feet 4 inches) 
weight46 kg ( 100lbs) 

Birthplace is Anyang city, in the province of Gyeonggi, in South Korea.

Later she moved to Auckland and lived their for 5 years.

She got her college degree from ACG parnell college, in New Zealand.

Doesn’t have any siblings

On August 2010, she joined as trainee and trained for more than 5 year

First member of the group whose name was revealed publicly.

She is good at playing guitar both acoustic and electric.

“Human Gucci ” is her Nickname because she wears very expensive clothes and other Human chanel, Nini and Jendeuki.

She Like dog’s and has 2 puppies kumar and kai.

She can speak Korean, English and Japanese very fluently.

Pig is Her Chinese zodiac sign.

She can also play flute and Piano.

Her favorite are not any type but she can eat any type of Korean food.

Favorite number is 1.

Has close friendship with Nayeon from twice , chahee, from melody day, Lime from Hello venus and Irene from Red velvet and Yerin from GFriend.

Acted in “That XX MV” Of G-Dragon and also featured in “Special” of Lee Hi, “GG Be” of senguri(Big bang) and Black of G-Dragon(Big bang).

Acted in many commercial Films for the companies such as Sprite and CASS beer.

Part of the show “Village Survival the eight” as a regular member.

She prefers sexy guys (interview Live Radio)

Jeenie said that if she was guy than she would like to date a jisoo.

In july 2018, she made her appearance with another blackpink member jisoo.

When she started rapping at that time she studied all the details of the artist such as TLC and Lauryn Hill and she admires them.

Rihanna is her role model and her main influencer.

From her childhood she used to read a fashion magazine for different clothing style and her interest came because of her mother.

She made solo debut, very much involved in the production for the concept, outfits and choreography.

In April 2017, Her first magazine cover and solo shoot was for Dazed Korea with saint Laurent and she became the first Korean artist to model for Boucheron Paris , which is a luxury brand.

She appeared on the cover of Different Fashion magazines such as Elle, High cut, Including Dazed, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie, W, Claire, billboard, cosmopolitan.

In 2018,she ranked at 2nd place after receiving more than 12% votes in the Most Favorite idols survey , it’s conducted by the Gallup Korea which involved more than 1,500 Korean male and female for the survey and the participants aged 13 to 29.

Forbes impressed by the jennie that she is gaining a new foothold for the Korean Korean beauty trends and said she is one of the reasons for a blackpink position on the ” Forbes korea Power celebrity 2019″.

On 12 Nov 2018 , she made her debut with the song ” SOLO” as a soloist singer.

In 2018, Ranked at 13th place on TC candler as “The 100 Most Beautiful Faces”

Also In 2019, ranked 19th spot on TC Candler “The 100 Most Beautiful Faces”.

In Jan 2019, revealed that Kai from EXO’s and jennie dating each other bit later SM ent confirmed that both broke up for their career.

Jennie’s ideal boy: sexy and hard working.

3. Rose

Rose 3rd member of  blackpinnk

Real namePark chae Young
Stage nameRose
Born in11 Feb 1997
Height 168 cm( 5 feet 6 inches) 
weight45 kg ( 99.28lbs) 

Birthplace is Auckland, New Zealand.

Moved to Melbourne, Box Hill (Australia), and joined Canterbury Girls Secondary College for studies.

Has one elder sister and elder sister name Alice.

In 2012 she moved to south Korea and started her career in musical field.

She likes dogs and adopted a dog name hank.

She was the last member whose name was revealed.

In YG audition in Australia she ranked at first place.

She can speak fluently English, Korean, and Japanese.

Ox is her Chinese zodiac sign.

In may 2012, she joined as a trainee and trained for 4 years.

In the group she known as “Blackpink’s Goddess”.

In australia she was a cheerleader.

She has unique voice and sexy slim waist

Very good at playing guitar and Piano.

She’s left handed person.

She likes to have Kimchi stew and don’t like jokbal.

5 is her favorite number.

Favourite fruit mango

Hobbies : drawing, playing guitar and bicycling.

She preferred that everyone should call her with her real name.

Rose has close friendships with Joy and yeri (red velvet), Tzuyu and Chaeyoung (Twice), Ashely choi (Ladies code).

Collaborated with a G-Dragon for the music “without You”.

Rose got 66th spot on TC candler for “The most Beautiful Faces”.

She prefer cute and charming guys.

If rose was a boy then She would like to date jennie because she can make taste meal.

She doesn’t like fruit “avocados”.

Rose’s ideal boy: who is kind, genuine and nice with the good voice.

4. Jisoo

Real nameKim ji soo
Stage nameJisoo
Born in3 Jan 1995
Height 162 cm( 5 feet 3.78 inches) 
weight45 kg ( 99lbs) 

Her Birthplace is Gunpo city, province of Gyeonggi, South Korea.

Has one elder brother, named kim Junghoon and has one elder sister.

From 2011, she trained for 5 years and her name was revealed as a third member of the group.

Can speak Korean and Japanese and also basic Mandarin and english.

Jennie revealed that Jisso doesn’t speak English because she gets embarrassed but she can understand english very well.

She is Called as “Boy Crush” And “Man Heart’s Destroyer”.

Her Chinese zodiac symbol is “Dog”.

She is very good at piano and drums.

Her personality is 4D type.

In the group She’s mood maker according to other member jennie.

She loves a dog and has one pet dog named Dalgom

4 is favourite number of her.

Purple is favorite color

She likes Pikachu a lot and has lot’s of Merchandise of Pikachu.

White belt in Taekwondo.

She likes rice and eats everything.

From trainee days she is Close friend with Nayeon from Twice and Seulgi from red velvet.

From Feb 2017 to Feb 2018 she was an MC of Inkigayo.

She made cameo appearance on the series of KBS’s ” The producers”.

Appeared commercial ads such as :In 2015 Samsonite Red CF with Lee Minho, Nikon 1 J5 CF, Angel Stone CF . In 2015-16 for Smart Uniform CF with iKON. In 2016 for the LG Stylus2 CF.

In 2019, Ranked at 78th spot on the TC candler as “The 100 most beautiful Faces”

She preferred cute guys over sexy guys. ( In the Live Radio interview)

Said that if she was a guy then she would date Rose.

Also made appearance in arthdal Arthdal Chronicles (cameo).

On August 2020, was confirmed as main actress for upcoming drama series Snowdrop.

Jisoo’s ideal type boy : who is only into her and has pretty smile.


They are the first Kpop group which got more than 1 billion views on their YouTube music video. on 15 june 2018 Ddu-Du Ddu-Du was released and reached the top milestone in little time.

They are the highest charting Korean Kpop act on the list of Billboard Hot 100 , ranked at 13th position with “Ice cream”(2020) song and Ranked at 2nd place with Album(2020).

First kpop girl group to sell more than 1 million album copies.

First ever Kpop girl group to enter and got top position in billboard Emerging Artist chart and also ranked at Billboard World Digital Song sales chart for three times.

Kill this Love (2019) music video and How you like that (2020) both the song made records for the most viewed music video within 24 hours of release and also made it to the Guinness World Records.

First Korean music group act who got more than 1 billion views on YouTube.

They are also the first music group and Korean act to have three music videos each accumulated one billion views on YouTube.

On Spotify they are currently the most followed girl group and also most subscriber music group and Asian artists on YouTube.

They are the first Kpop girl band who performed at Coachella.

On Jan 2019, Their “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du” Music video became the most watched South Korean music video and also became the first Korean pop group which crossed 1 billion views on Youtube.

On 26 June 2020, “How you Like That” Music video broke Five Guinness World Records.

They have won many awards such as : 3 People’s Choice Awards, a Teen Choice Award, an MTV Video Music Award, 9 Gaon Chart Music Awards, 6 Golden Disc Awards, 5 Melon Music Awards, 8 Mnet Asian Music Awards, 2 Seoul Music Awards, 5 Guinness World Records.

Blackpink members social media ID (Official)



Instagram: @blackpinkofficial

Vlive: blackpinkvlive

Spotify: blackpinkSpotify

Tiktok: @bp_tiktok

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