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Dreamcatcher Members Profile - Updated (2022)

Dreamcatcher members: Dreamcatcher Profile

Dreamcatcher group has 7 members: Jiu, Sua, Yoohyeon, Siyeon, Gahyeon, dami, and Hangdong.

It is a Korean pop girl band and they are one of the top kpop groups, popular all over the world they made their debut on 13 Jan 2017 under the HappyFace Entertainment company.

Dreamcatcher members profile


JiU memeber of Dreamcatcher

Real nameKim Min Ji  
Stage nameJiU
Born in17 May 1994
Height 167 CM ( 5 feet 6 inches)
weight50kg (110lbs)
Blood B

Jiu’s Bornplace is Daejeon, in South Korea.

She has a brother, younger than her. 

Her nationality is Korean. 

She had been a member of the MINX group. 

Lily is her English name. 

In an interview with BNT, revealed that she has a carefree type of style and never skips her meal.

She can do amazing acting with her face and can do cute face reactions too. 

She gave herself a nickname “Pink Princess”.

She dyed her hair red for the first time during Fly High promotions which she really liked.

For relaxation she takes a long bath.

Jiu likes another girl group named “Baby metal”.

Jiu is a big fan of the girl groups and if she gets the chance then she will team up with all the kpop girl groups at once.

In an interview with Kpopconcerts she stated, If she wouldn’t have been in the dreamcatcher group she would have been an owner of the Macaron store or a police officer. 

To relieve her stress she likes to do aerobics.

She was a participant in the show “MIX NINE” by YG entertainment but because of her busy schedule she left the show.

Acted as a cameo in the Web series “Hororong story”.

Jiu, Dami and siyeon share the same room. 

JiU’s ideal type: who can communicate with her very well and also can control her a little bit.


Sua is the member of Dreamcatcher

Real nameKim Bo Ra
Stage nameSuA
Born in10 Aug 1994
Height 162 CM ( 5 feet 3 inches)
weight45kg (99lbs)
Blood O

Changwon, in South Korea where sua was born.

She Has an elder brother.

She was a former member of the MINX group too. 

“Alice” is her English name. 

Once she entered into the competition “B-girl”.

She is the one who has the longest training among all the members. 

Can also produce goat sounds. 

She has the smallest feet and smallest hand among all the members.

Her cool personality attracts people. 

Her special abilities are fixing things and creating Choreographies. 

She is a good dancer and the fastest to learn a dance routine and then she helps other members to learn their dance routine too. 

Hobbies she has are: watching series or dramas and drawing. 

Favorite things she likes the most are: Dancing, Thor, walking, Elephant, hamburgers, squid, shoes, lipstick, perfume, and meat

Things which she dislikes the most: porridge, spinach, cheese, carrots, disgusting smell, winter, ghost and cats. 

She is a huge fan of Avenger. 

Sua is a fan of kpop boy group “TVXQ”.

The BIG BANG group is her role model. 

her fellow members consider her as a cleaning maniac. 

She and Yoohyeon stay in the same room. 

Her ideal boy is: Men with sexy looks and she is attracted to men who like her. 


Yoohyeon a memeber of Dreamcatcher

Real nameKim Yoo Hyeon
Stage nameYoohyeon
Born in7 Jan 1997
Height 168 CM ( 5 feet 5 inches)
weight50kg (110lbs)
Blood O

The birthplace of Yoohyeon is Incheon, in South Korea.

Has one brother who is younger to her.

She is a former member of another kpop girl group named MINX.

Rachel is her English name.

Whenever she gets nervous her teeth get itchy.

Right now she’s learning German and Mandarin language.

She is a fan of Harry styles.

She can play guitar and loves to play video games.

Before sleeping she will watch the Simpson cartoon.

All other members agreed that she is the most forgetful person in the group.

She revealed in the interview of Daum fancafe that she has astigmatism and nearsightedness.

Also big fan of sunmi and once she sent a fan letter to her.

She also participated in the YG Show Mixnine but because of her busy schedule she left the show.

She was in the music video of Jinyounge and Hyunsoo, MV name Falling in love.

She made her first debut in modeling as a runway model.

In the dorm she shares the room with SuA.

Yoohyeon’s ideal type : who is hardworking. According to celebrities, her ideal type of men is: Kim bum.


Siyeon a beautiful singer in dreamcatcher group

Real nameLee Si Yeon
Stage nameSiyeon
Born in1 Oct 1995
Height 166 CM ( 5 feet 4 inches)
weight50kg (110lbs)
Blood A

Siyeon’s birthplace is Daegu, in South Korea.

Has one sister and she is elder than her.

She was a part of the MINX group before.

Monica is her English name.

She can mimic the sound of Squirtle, Psyduck, and Pikachu.

“Blue” is her favorite color.

She doesn’t like shrimp and also doesn’t like mistakes.

Siyeon doesn’t like to exercise.

She loves to play piano and loves to play games.

She is a huge fan of the heavy metal band Warlock.

Siyeon is a huge fan of Avengers.

Siyeon performs a duet with one Junn from Boy’s republic for the OST of Love & Secret drama.

Sistar’s Hyorin is a Role model for her.

She participated in the show MIXNINE organised by YG Ent but due to busy schedule she left the show early.

She shares a room with Dami and Jiu.

Siyeon’s ideal men : she wants someone who can connect with her, talk to her and has good sense


Gahyeon is a singer from the group Dreamcatcher

Real nameLee Ga Hyeon
Stage nameGahyeon
Born in3 Feb 1999
Height 160 CM ( 5 feet 3 inches)
weight56kg (123lbs)
Blood AB

Her birthplace is Seongnam, in South Korea. 

For a few months, Gahyeon studied in the Philippines. 

Lucy is her English name. 

Gahyeon is very good at maths. 

Can cook very tasty seaweed soup. 

She Can do funny sponge Bob laugh. 

Remember all the schedules of the group. 

She has been friends with miyeon from Gi-dle, dahyun from twice, jane from Momoland, chaewon from April, yahana from pristin. 

Her nationality is Korean.

 Gahyeon’s ideal person: who has a good vocal, funny and pretty smile. 


Another memebr of  Dreamcatcher and her stage name is Dami

Real nameLee Yu Bin
Stage nameDami 
Born in7 Mar 1997
Height 163 CM ( 5 feet 4 inches)
weight44kg (97lbs)
Blood A

Dami’s birthplace is Seoul city, South Korea. 

She has a brother and he is in the armed forces. 

She is a member of MINX kpop group.

Emma is her English name. 

She got kendo training. 

Her one wish is to raise a pet bear.

She loves animals and wants to be a breeder. 

She can also make chirping sounds of chicks.

Dami is a fan of one-piece anime. 

She loves to read books and Whenever she gets time she starts reading. 

Murakami Haruki is her favorite author. 

She was in the “97 liner group”.

Her nationality is Korean. 

Dami also participated in the MIXNINE show but left early because of their busy schedule. 

She, Siyeon and Jiu stay in the same room. 

Dami’s ideal type: is understanding, someone from whom she can learn, Can talk a lot. 

Someone she can learn from, someone who can talk a lot compared to her.


hangdong  is a member of Dreamcatcher

Real nameHan Dong 
Stage nameHandong
Born in26 Mar 1996
Height 165 CM ( 5 feet 4 inches)
weight47kg (103lbs)
Blood A

Handong’s birthplace is “wuhan” which is the capital of Hubei Province in China. 

She got a Nickname “Dongdong” from the yoohyeon. 

Della is her english name. 

Her professor advised her to go Korea for the audition. 

She made her appearance as a musician during high school. (Revealed in an interview of pops in seoul) 

In the interview it revealed that she likes  chocolates but whenever she eats it she starts sneezing continuously. 

If she had not been in the music group Dreamcatcher, she might have been the flight hostess. 

In the interview of BNT, reveals that She has a shy type of personality. 

Her nationality is Chinese. 

In the dorm She shares a room with other fellow member gahyeon.

For almost 1 year she was absent in the group activity because she was filming for the idol producer. 

In the sept 2020, she return to south Korea 

Hangdong’s ideal type of man: a person with good personality , tall and kind. 

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