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Soobin TXT: Profile & Facts Full Guide

Soobin Facts: Soobin Profile (TXT)

Soobin is south korean Rapper and singer and also Leader of TXT under HYBE Entertainment.


Real NameChoi Soo Bin
Stage NameSoobin
OccupationRapper, Dancer
Born in 5 Dec 2000
Zodiac sign Sagittarius
Birth placeSangnok-gu, Ansan, Gyeonggi-do province, South Korea
Height (approx)187 cm (6 feet 1 inches )
Weight (approx)68 kg (147 lbs)


He was the second member who was officially revealed on 13 January 2019.

Soobin Representative animal is : praying mantis. 

Representative Flower: Anemone. 

His family consists of: Mom, Father, elder brother and elder sister. 

Soobins sister is almost 10 years older than him. 

His elder brother is 6 years older than him. 

He likes to read books and Likes to listen to a music.

It Reveals that after their debut he cried. 

He is tall and that’s why he got the nickname “Cucumber”.

Soobin has another funny name ” sloth”.

He has cute dimples. 

Also got nicknames from the kpop media such as: Flower boy, Flower prince,  Flower shaped sunshine, Pure and clear visual, Shy boy.

He has very stretchy next and cheecks. 

When TXT were filming for their debut music video he was feeling very nervous and he was literally shaking. 

He likes snow. 

He doesn’t like the train at all.

Sobin likes to drink fizzy drinks.

He can tolerate anything but dieting is not possible for him at all and he likes to eat bread. 

He doesn’t have any specific choice for food but whenever he eats spicy food, he starts sweating. 

Soobin hates mint chocolate. 

It was revealed in Vlive that he does not like to eat Avocado.

Soobin is very tall and he is the tallest member of the group. 

Whenever his eyes met with other members he winked at them. 

His face gets puffy and swollen whenever Sobin sleeps and he loves to let fans know he came from a sweet sleep when they see him with a swollen face.

He has one dog and his name is Sean.

He is very shy during the first meeting with anyone.

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