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Lisa (blackpink) Or Lalisa: profile & Facts

Lisa profile (Blackpink) or Lalisa Bio, facts, Favorite


Real Name Lalisa Manobal, Pranpriya Manobal
Stage NameLisa
Other Korean Name Lili, Lalice, Pakpak
Occupation Rapper, Singer, Dancer
Born in 27, March, 1997
Zodiac sign Aries (western sign)
Birth place Buriram, in Thailand
Height (approx) 166.5 cm (5ft 5.6inch)
Weight (approx) 44.7 kg (98.5 lbs)
Education Praphamontree School
Career Singer
genres K-pop
Labels YG Entertainment
Group Blackpink


  • Lisa was born in the Buriram town of Thailand but later at the age of 3 she moved to Bangkok.
  • She is the only child for her parents. 
  • Her stepfather is one of the top chef certified by Swiss chef in Thailand and her Stepfather name is Marco Bruschweiler.
  • One of her names was Pranpriya and her friends called her by the nickname Pockpak but due to fortune telling it was changed to Lalisa.
  • She has been friends with BamBam since childhood as they were both a dance member in “We Jaa Cool” Crew. 
  • She trained for more than 5 years and it is because of her hard work and passion that she got selected in Blackpink.
  • In 2010, she was the only person selected in the auditions of YG Auditions Thailand.
  • She moved to Korea during her middle school and began her training.
  • knows & can speak different languages such as thai, Korean , basic Mandarin, English and Japanese. 
  • She is very different in off stage vs onstage according to all the members and staff.
  • All the members revealed that in off stage she is mischievous and very playful.
  • All the members of blackpink voted her for the best at aegyo in the group. 
  • In her bornplace She also reffered as “Thailand princess” Because of her beauty. 
  • She made her appearance in the “Ringa Linga music” video of BIG BANG’s taeyang. 
  • She loves makeup and she has wide ranges of make-up. 
  • Lisa is from the Buddhist religion. 
  • She can play the guitar and also can play Ukulele. 
  • In the food items her favorite thing is French fries. 
  • Her favorite dish which she likes to have is Gamjatang (which is a spicy soup of pork spine). 
  • She loves to eat japanese cuisine and sushi. 
  • She likes to drink something that is sweet in taste. 
  • Right now her favorite color is yellow

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