8 Pro Tips For Marketing Your Brand On Instagram

Since digitalization has conquered all spheres of life, it is pivotal that newer, less conventional, and more contemporary ways of branding and promotion see the light of the day.

Courtesy the drastic technological advancements, most brands and businesses have embraced digitalization into their working systems and marketing strategies.

It is indispensable to give your brand a digital flair in order to execute successful marketing and promotional strategies through social media platforms.

Marketing Brands On Instagram

With social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook fostering a million users worldwide, the attention of advertisers has shifted from print media and broadcasting promotions to video casting, OTT, and social media promotion.

A massive segment of the global population is very active on Instagram, opening a wide array of opportunities for local and large scale brands, content creators, and media agencies.

Although Instagram is primarily a photo-sharing application, most brands and agencies have incorporated video marketing as an essential element of their social media marketing strategy. 

If a picture says a thousand words, imagine how many can a video say. Videos are excellent story-telling tools through which you can tell your brand story to the world with extra-ordinary templates on the Instagram video editor.

Statistics prove that people prefer watching a video rather than reading a wordy text on Instagram and other social media platforms.

Motion graphics also provide perceptive insights about your brand. It further humanizes your content and increases the audience engagement rate. 

Here are 8 pro tips for marketing your presence on Instagram 

Set up a business profile

The first step to consolidate your Instagram presence is creating a striking business profile that garners the attention of users. Begin with adding a profile picture of your brand.

A logo is an excellent profile picture that symbolizes brand identity and increases customer affinity.

You must also add an intriguing bio that shall be displayed below your Instagram profile picture.

An articulate account of your business shall provide clarity to your viewers and encourage a lower bounce rate.

It is through your bio and your profile details that your audience must understand what you do and what you have to offer.

Ensure that your profile isn’t private or public. It is obligatory for brands and businesses to open a business account for maximum engagement rates. 

Optimize your target audience

Your ad campaigns and social media marketing strategies must resonate with customer behavior.

Although, it is highly unrealistic for any brand to target the global population for a single product at once, primarily because each individual has a taste and a unique set of preferences and desires.

When Nike or Puma introduce a sportswear range in the market, their target audience is assumably athletic personalities, sports-players, or a certain age group of people that are more likely to purchase their commodities.

If you have a well-structured target group, you can navigate your promotional capabilities in a particular direction to catch the attention of people who are really interested in your brand.

Furthermore, it becomes easier for brands and businesses to strategize their ad campaigns once the composition of the target audience is definite, precise, and understandable. 

Post compelling promo content

With more than a million content pieces going live every minute, Instagram is an epitome of diversity.

Major brands and businesses compete to create extra-ordinary promotional content for their viewers since the attention span of audiences are quite restricted.

It is pivotal that your pictures and video-posts are visually appealing and aesthetic in nature.

You can create professional-looking marketing videos and logo animations with the Instagram video editor for your Instagram feed.  

Advertise on Instagram Stories

Instagram is one of the most well-equipped social media platforms for effective branding and promotion since it provides contemporary tools for advertisers to professionally showcase their brand advertisement videos and images without putting in a lot of effort.

Instagram stories are a 24/7 media casting tool that allows you to post videos and images on your profile’s story at any time of the day.

It could be an arbitrary “In the moment” post or an organized series of Question and Answers or Audience poll.

You can engage with your audience effectively and give your B2C relationship an upper hand. 

User-generated Content

Emphasizing on your brand’s technical knowledge or direct USPs is like throwing a balloon at a porcupine.

Your Instagram viewers shall be repulsive towards dull and persuasive hard sells.

You must promote your brand with maximum creativity.

User-generated content is a widely popular social media marketing strategy that helps you forge a strong brand identity on Instagram.

This type of content may mainly include product reviews in the form of consumer stories and posts as well as influencer marketing.

Posting a video with a spokesperson endorsing your product can humanize your brand dramatically and help you gain the trust if your consumers.

Showcasing your affiliation with a well-known personality can expedite your audience engagement rate. 

CTA-rich Captions

Search Engine Optimization is a technique of integrating keywords to rank higher on the Google search engine.

You can embody the same technique to gain popularity on this media-sharing platform.

If you wish to be a trend-setter, you must first gain a deep understanding of the pre-eminent trends on Instagram.

Every time you post a promo video created by the Instagram video editor, you must add a comprehensive caption that incorporates a strong Call To Action.

Your CTA could be in the form of a link or a tag. Hashtags are also an indispensable part of a successful ad campaign since it helps create an inspirational momentum of your viewers taking those hashtags forward and increasing your brand awareness and recognition. 

Sell on Instagram

Instagram now purveys a dedicated space for shoppers and buyers to share purchasing power and commodities.

Through your Instagram feed, you can showcase an entire catalog of your goods along with price tags and descriptions for your viewers to make a direct purchase. This marketing-method not only helps you increase sales but also provides your users with a hassle free user-experience thereby stimulating customer affinity. 

Remain consistent and keep strategizing mesmerizing ad campaigns and social media marketing strategies on regular intervals for refined branding and promotion through Instagram. 

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