What is Application software and it’s Types

Application software refers to the programs written to perform specific tasks such as inventory control, presentation, medical accounting, billing, and financial accounting, etc.

Application software (Brief)

Application software is app or software built for the user purpose.

For instance, an Application that can perform billing functions can not prepare results for a school.

In simple words, An application software is the set of programs necessary to carry out operations for a specified task.

“Application” is known as “app”.

Types of Application software



Customised application software

This type of software made according to the user requirement specified by the user.

It cannot be directly installed at any other workplace as the requirement of the new user is different from the earlier one because the application may not fit in the requirements of the new user.

General application software

This type of application developed keeping in mind the general requirement for carrying out a specific task.

Other users also use it to fulfil the general requirement.

Office tools

Applications belonging to this category are specifically used in the office for documentation and for recording purposes.

Some commonly used Apps such as word processing, presentation, spreadsheet, and database system, etc.

So, let’s discuss it:

Word processing packages

A word processing packet is a package that processes texts and creates organised and flawless documents.

Many word processing packets are available in the market, some popular ones are MS Word soft word

Electronic spreadsheet

An electronic spreadsheet is a program that accepts data in a tabular form in rows and columns and allows users to calculate, manipulate and analyse data in the desired manner.

There are lots of spreadsheet packages available in the market such as Excel, calc, and Quattro-pro, etc.

Database management system (DBMS)

A database management system is a package that can handle and manage the bulk of stored data.

Database management is very important in all sectors.

There are numerous DBMS in the market some popular ones are my SQL Oracle SQL server etc

Graphic software:- This application manipulates the images and program that incorporates images, sound, text, computer animation, video sequence also known as multimedia software.

Presentation graphics: –This type of application can create professional looking visual aids.

Domain-specific application software

These types of applications built and use for a specific purpose.

So let’s discuss some domain-specific application such as:

School management

This kind of application is known as the multipurpose school management software.

also collect student information, used by education institutions for administration purposes.

Inventory management

inventory management software helps to create a purchase order, printing, payment receipts, invoices and more.

Payroll system

software helps with the work such as recording employees details, employees payment, and deduction and other employee payment-related transaction details also.

Financial accounting

These applications are used to streamline and automate the finance process of an organisation.

It is also used for various financial tasks such as account payable, account receivable, general ledger, fixed asset, budgeting project accounting and also in spending management, etc.

Hotel management

software applications help in the management of Hotel tasks like room inventory management, reservation status, easy check-in, and easy check-out, click guest reservation, group management, housekeeping, travel agent, night audit, guest history and many more.

Reservation systems

This kind of application specifically used for resolving tickets for movies, Railways, Airways sector and also for any events.

Weather forecasting system

Nowadays we can see that there’s lots of weather forecast apps on every Smartphone and also on the tablet.

search weather forecasting software comes with a variety of features like daily and the hourly forecast with access to additional information.

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