Best app for photo editing on Android in 2022

Do you want to know about the Best app for photo editing? Here I have shared the 10 best photo editing apps according to the public ratings. 

As we all know, photo editing apps are good for editing the images and it makes them more attractive.

It’s era of social media and everyone liked to share 

Their beautiful photos on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, whatsApp and many more. 

If you want to edit  your images then you can use these apps and  will help you to add or change background and you can apply effects, filter’s and many more. 

Don’t worry I’ll not waste your time here’s the best photo editing app which you can use

Best photo editing app for Android

So,here I have shared the apps according to their download, reviews and rating. 

It’s your choice which you want to use but all of them are very good and have very good Features.


It’s one of the most popular and best photo editing apps for Android.

Picsart has very powerful features such as all-in-one photos and amazing photo effects like sticker maker,drawing tools,free image library, collage maker, photo filters, face editor with face swap. 

You can use beautify tools and can change your background,resize images, and you can also use it for video editing.

Worldwide more than 700 million downloads and very good ratings and it is used by big celebrities and photographs.

Using your creativity you can create amazing images and can apply awesome effects and filters on it. 

It’s a little bit complex but if you use it for a few minutes then you will be able to create amazing pictures for social media. 

If you are confused then you can watch YouTube videos to learn , there are thousands of tutorials available. 


Another amazing app  but not just an editing app because you can use it to take pictures, selfies , video. 

B612 , Very popular app with more than 500 downloads and over 6 million reviews with rating of 4.4 out of 5  on google play store.

It’s very amazing and it can contain features such as taking pictures,selfies  and video with beautify effects and amazing filters.

You can use different filters , it has more than 1500 stickers, effects and filters , various drawing effects , create collages and many more other features for free. 


Snapseed is one of the best apps used by photographers and filmmakers. 

It contains  29 types of Tools and Filters,which includes: Brush, Healing,HDR,Structure.


add Text,Curves,Expand ,RAW Develop,Tune image, Crop, White Balance,Selective, Vignette,Lens Blur,Glamour Glow, Tonal Contrast ,HDR Scape,Grunge,Grainy Film,Vintage,Retrolux, Noir, Black & White, Frames, Double Exposure, Face Enhance, Face Pose. 

Snapseed has the best features but it’s complex for beginners but still in 2 or 3 days you will be able create amazing images using this photo editing app. 

Adobe Photoshop

 Adobe Photoshop I think you may know about it because all photographs use this software on pc to make your photos more clear and beautiful. 

Adobe also launched their photo editing app for smartphones so that anyone can use it for image editing. 

But let me tell you one thing, it’s more complex than other apps and it will take up to 4 days to learn. 

If you are a photographer, designer then it will help you a lot. Free version has lots of features which are helpful for photo editing purposes.

Adobe is one of the oldest and best photo editing companies and they provide powerful features.

but if you want to use extra advanced tools then you have some monthly fees to use those features. 

Adobe lightroom

Another app from Adobe it’s a free app with extraordinary features and if you want to edit like professionals then it will help you a lot. 

It has features like Photoshos with amazing amazing filters and effects ,healing and brush and more for free.

It’s complex but if you want to make a career in photography then I’ll suggest you to use this Software. 

Photo editor pro

It’s a very popular and one trending app on play store because it is very easy to use and provides amazing features such as blur, tons of filters, and draws text with various fonts and 100+ photo effects. 

You can easily Adjust brightness, saturation, warmth and contrast . 


Pixlr is another trending photo editing app with a camera. 

Pixlr is very easy to use and has a lot of features.For beginners it’s easy and can create amazing images using it.

You can beautify and add blur effects, add contrast, brightness, saturation on your images.

beginners  can use this software to learn and you can start using complex one like Adobe, snapseed 

LightX photo editor

LightXphoto editor is one of the best photo editors and it provides features like a premium photo editor for free. 

It’s also one of the trending and best photo editors, which you can use for photo editing. 

Lightx has editing tools such as tools like Color mixing, Curves, levels and vignette effects. 

You can also edit the Saturation, Contrast, Exposure, brightness, Hue, Shadows & Highlights of pictures. 

Here you can use an array of photo filters like Drama, Retro,Glow, Vintage, grunge,B&W and many other filters for image editing.

It’s easy to use but if you find any difficulty than you can watch YouTube tutorials. 

Photo editor

Photo editor is one of the best photo editing apps for Android. It’s a small only 5 mb but very powerful image editing app. 

It provides extra advanced features for free  and these types of features are available only on premium editing tools. 

Worldwide more than 50 million downloads and 4.4 stars out of 5 on play store. You can create an animated GIF and can save it as a pdf, JPEG, PNG, GIF, WebP. 

Try this app. I’m pretty much sure that those who want photo editing tools for websites images, will love it because of the webp format.

Photo lab picture editor 

Photo Lab has a brilliant collection of stylish and funny photo effects (more than 900 effects ) with Fantastic face photo montages,animated effects, frames and  filters which will help you to make your images eye-catching and awesome.

It has neural art style over 50- pre set style.

It’s one of the best photo editing app for Android and it’s very easy to use with more than 100 million downloads Worldwide With  2 million reviews and users rantings 4.5 which is amazing.

I’ll suggest you try this app once and it’s also got the editor choice tag in play store.


If you are still confused then I’ll suggest you according to your  need for social media : photo lab picture editor, b612, pixlr ,photo editor, lightx and then picsart. 

If you want to make a career in photography then first learn picsart, second:- snapseed and then adobe applications.

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