Best Gifts for Your Husband: 2019 Edition

gift for husband 2019 edition

To choose a gift for a man can be a real challenge. You cannot please them with a certificate to a cosmetic store or a chic bouquet of beautiful flowers.

And even if you try to ask your husband directly about what he wants to get, most likely it will be something like, “Oh, honey, I don’t know, I don’t need anything”.

if your husband has everything which he wants, then it is double trouble.

Nonetheless, every loving woman wants to impress and please her man. In such cases, many girls will turn for help to their female friends or just choose a “suitable” gift.

Gift for husband

although traditional gifts for men such as ties, shaving kits, or cooling stones for whiskey, seem quite optimal just like communication with single women online, men have a wider range of tastes, and these options do not always get a real application.

If you are looking for something special and useful as well as want to add a little variety to your gift list, you can safely choose a gift from the list below. 

Cougar gaming mouse and mouse holder 

What to present to a man whose area of interest is computer games and modern technology? Cougar Revenger is one of the most user-friendly gaming mice.

It is very fast and will allow your husband to find the target very quickly during the game.

On the casing, there are 6 buttons that can be programmed as yours wish, while all settings are saved in the built-in memory of the mouse. Thanks to the matte finish, the mouse practically does not get dirty.

The Cougar Bunker holder will allow your husband to maintain both order in the workplace and the integrity of the wire as well as make the gameplay more comfortable and fun.

The holder has a vacuum suction cup that holds it tightly to the surface of the table.

So, with this accessory, a man can freely move his mouse and not be afraid that the wire will start clinging to something or rubbing against the corner of the table over time. 

Crosley vinyl record player 

Cruiser Deluxe is a ​​unique and easy-to-use vinyl record player, which can become one of the best gifts you can present to a true music lover.

It has tremendous popularity thanks to its stylish design, durability and affordable price.

Cruiser Deluxe, equipped with 3 speeds of record playback which allows you to enjoy music at your own pace, as well as a Bluetooth module and built-in stereo speakers for perfect sound without using additional equipment.

However, if your husband appreciates a lot of power, you should connect additional speakers to the player. 

Gamdias Hephaestus P1 USB Headset 

“Gamdias Hephaestus P1” is the most stylish and advanced USB headsets on the market thanks to its high-quality and surround sound.

Using them, your husband will be able to feel like at the very epicenter of the game.

The headset also has a retractable microphone for team games, which you can remove if needed.

Thanks to its lightweight design, leather ear cushions, and a comfortable headband, the headset fits comfortably any head without causing discomfort during long gaming sessions. 

Model kit of military equipment 

Such kits of military equipment are a wonderful gift that will be delighted by a true connoisseur or just a fan of collecting puzzles.

They will allow your man to show his creative potential. Usually, all details can be assembled and glued as well as painted to your taste.

you can also apply pigments, varnishes and create various effects, imitate oil and mud smudges.

Ready-made models can be used as a kind of interior decor or to reproduce historical battles, develop your own battle moves, and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of military equipment. 

Typo shower speaker 

The original Australian label Typo has released a product for music lovers – a waterproof wireless mini speaker for the shower.

Along with the affordable price, it combines high-quality materials and practical functionality.

It works up to 5 hours without charging, has a concise design, and equipped with playback, pause, and switch to the next song.

An additional advantage of the device is that it can be used to receive calls.

Just stick it to the wall in the bathroom or shower and continue communication. It is convenient for those who are often on the move and do not have time to pay due attention to loved ones. 

Men’s cosmetics 

Beards and mustaches, especially dense ones, draw a lot of attention and require constant and thorough care.

Men’s cosmetics, made on the basis of essential oils and vitamins, will be an excellent gift that will delight any owner of dense facial hair or someone who is going to grow it.

Usually, a kit includes a fragrant balm to create shape, oil to give shine and softness, wax for styling, and a wooden comb. 

Coffee set 

A true coffee lover will never give up tasting a new variety of coffee beans, which guarantees a bright flavor palette.

You can include 3 types of coffee in a fragrant set. For example, an espresso mix with hints of hazelnut and chocolate, Brazilian arabica with notes of fried nuts, dark chocolate, and caramel, or Ethiopian with chocolate and berry tones and a light sourness of grapefruit. 

Regardless of what will be used for making it – a classic coffee machine, a jezve, or a French press – these types of coffee beans will definitely provide a boost of energy and a good start to the day.  

Named bathrobe with embroidery 

A luxurious terry bathrobe made of natural cotton, decorated with personalized embroidery and individual design, will give home comfort and warmth of family holidays.

A comfortable, soft, and warm bathrobe will be a great gift for a loved one and an indispensable accessory for home, bath, and travel.

You can choose the required size, color, and model of the robe.

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