How To Block Someone On Gmail & Stop Unwanted Emails

Hey ,do you want to Block someone on Gmail and want to stop unwanted emails.

Don’t worry it is very easy to block someone on Gmail.

Maybe you are getting tons of spam emails from one Gmail address and you want to block it.

Or maybe you want to block someone for some other reasons.

Block someone on Gmail guide

Follow these steps to block that Gmail address and after following the steps, you will not receive any email from that Gmail address.

Reasons of blocking:

If someone sends spam or advertising emails everyday.

Anyone harassing you by sending 10 to 20 emails per day and you don’t want those emails.

When you subscribe to any website, after that you will get  100s of spam , multiple emails, promotional emails from that website. So for that just block the Gmail address. 

You can do this process on smartphones and for that you need a Gmail app and Gmail account.

How to Block someone on Gmail (step by step guide)

1.First you have to login to your Gmail app on Android.

2.then open any email of that Gmail address which you want to block. will see three dotted line on the upper right side, click on that.

4.and then the popup window will appear you just have to click on that block option. That’s it 

Now , you will not receive any emails from that Gmail address so it will be good for you.

for some reason :

you blocked someone by mistakenly ,such as: You block your friends on Gmail by thinking it’s an unknown Gmail address. So you can always Unblock it by opening the email and then clicking on the unblock option.

If still you are receiving  emails after blocking the address From the same website then just follow these steps:

1.In Gmail app, enter the website name in search section, for eample:- ( you need to type “websitename” in search bar. 

2.And then select all the emails  and you will see three dotted lines at the upper right corner side.

3.Then just click on the report spam. that’s it..

stop unwanted emails or messages on Gmail (chrome) 

Stop unwanted promotional email using browser such as google chrome.

If you don’t have a Gmail app Or if you have more than 30 or 50 emails then it will become difficult for you to do that. 

But still you can do this from your phone ,tablet or you can use a pc and laptop.

1.Go to and then open the spam or unwanted email. 

2.Click on the three dotted lines on the upper right ,side just below the print icon.

3.After that type that website name in search bar ex::- (support@ ) you need type “websitename” in search bar.,Select all of them at once. 

5.Then click on the this “report spam” icon and popup window will appear.

6.Then just select the” unsubscribe & spam”. 


I hope you like this article on how to stop unwanted emails on Gmail. If you want to get this type of information or guide than just subscribe for browser notifications.

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