Get your Domain & Hosting

1.Domain- is the name of your website (

2.Hosting -where all your website files will be stored


Install WordPress

Once you have domain and hosting, Click one the link below For Step by Step guide on how to install WordPress. 


Select theme and customize it

After installation of WordPress,login to your WordPress website.

Your WordPress login URL will look like this:“”.

you will also get Email from your hosting provider, about your successful installation of WordPress.

check your Email account and check the details and Click on the WordPress login link to login to your dashboard.

Now we are ready to customize the look of your site and start blogging

When you first visit your WordPress blog or website , it will look like this:

This is ordinary  default theme and most people don’t like this theme.

There are thousand of ready-made WordPress can select and install theme on your site.

some of the themes are free ,while others themes are paid .

Follow this step to change your theme:-

  • click on the “appearance” section.
  • click on the “themes“section.
  • then, click on the “Add New” bar in the top-left

  • choose your theme and click on install button (wait for  installation). After that,”install” button will be replaced with an “Activate “button.

choose themes and select themes for blog in wordpress

  • now,just click on ” Active” button to activate theme and you can start customize it.

once you have selected theme for your website,Now step 4


Write Your First Blog Post

after completing 

First of all, you need to” click on the Posts >> Add new section” in your WordPress dashboard.

you will see an editor where you can write and select your title for your WordPress site.

add new post in wordpress

after writing  your content click on the” publish button” on the right side and publish your first blog post to the world wide web.

publish button

on the post screen,you will notice  two taxonomies such as Categories and can use these taxonomies to organize your blog posts.Read  this article” difference between Categories and Tags”(highly recommended)

Beginners always get confused between a posts and pages in WordPress.We also have  complete guide on the” DIFFERENCE BETWEEN POSTS AND PAGES “in WordPress for beginners.