Daisy profile: Ex momoland

Daisy profile & facts: Daisy Ex-Momoland

Daisy Profile

Real NameYoo Jung-Ahn
Stage NameDaisy
Occupation/career Singer
Born in22 Jan 1999
Zodiac symbolAquarius


Height (approx) 163 cm ( 5 feet 4 inches)
Weight (approx)45 kg ( 100lbs)


SchoolJamil High School(graduated)

She moved to Canada and lived there for about 11 years and is therefore fluent in English.

Daisy has a sister and she is older than Daisy and her name is Lily.

She educated from Jamil high school and on 9 Feb 2018 she completed her graduation.

She was the contestant of “finding Momoland” and but she failed.

But later on 28, Mar 2017, she was added by the dublekick company in the Momoland group.

Daisy was a trainee for the JYP and she almost got selected for the show Sixteen(survival show which introduced a new kpop group twice) but before that she left JYP agency.

Daisy has one younger sister.

She has close bound with all the members of Twice.

She will be the new host for the pops in Seoul show.

Favorite things that she likes to do is watching movies and going for shopping.

On pop Seoul interview, she said that she loves bread and pastry a lot.

Her favorite day out of all the holidays is Christmas.

Daisy’s favorite color right now is earthy colors.

She is friends with Uto of the kpop group Pentagon.

In an interview it revealed that she has small feet and hands.

Daisy special abilities are speaking fluent English and doing ballet dance.

She choose hyuna as her role model and she admire her.

Because of some reason she was not present in the promotion.

On 30 Dec 2019 Jane revealed that during the “thumbs up” press showcase that daisy left group and she said that now Momoland is 6 members group.

While she was in Momoland, the agency confirmed that she was dating “Song” from Ikon (Yunhyeong).

When she was in the group she was a roommates of Jane and ahin.

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