Posts vs Pages difference in WordPress

There are two types of content in WordPress “posts and pages”.As a beginner, you have many doubts about” what is posts and pages”, when I have to use posts? and when I have to use pages ?.In this article, we will explain the difference between posts vs pages.


posts vs pages in wordpress

Difference between Posts vs Pages

 Posts have time but Pages are timeless.

 Posts are social but Pages are not.

• Posts can be categorized and tagged but Pages are not.

• Posts have RSS feed but Pages are not.

• Pages have custom template feature but Posts do not.



• Posts are content entries, listed in reverse chronological manner.

• you can organize post on the basis of tags and categories. Older post marked as archives (a month or year old post).

• In WordPress, posts published with time and date. They indicated through the RSS can notify recent post updates through RSS can also use the RSS feeds to deliver emails to the subscriber.

• You can create a newsletter for your audience, so that audience can subscribe to your newsletter.You can use social media sharing plugins to allow your users to share your posts on social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc.

• WordPress post has built-in commenting feature, which allows users to comment on a particular topic.If you want to turn off the comment box. You can go to your Settings » Discussion and turn off the comment.



 These are static pages.Pages are “static one-off type” content such as about,contact,etc .Pages don’t change until you edited it.

• Pages don’t have date and time.Pages don’t  have categories or tags.

• Pages can utilize custom page templates and pages don’t have RSS Feed.

• WordPress have feature, which allows you to create “custom page template” using your theme and it also allows you to customize each page.

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