How to Disable comments in WordPress

Disable comments in WordPress is good practice for the website which consists of pages.In this article, we will show how to disable comment easily.Comments are default in WordPress so whenever you will create pages or post they will pop-up.You have to uncheck the comments so that they do not pop up in your content but if you forgot to uncheck the comment box then it will pop-up again, so it is very annoying.


Disable Comments in WordPress site

 If you don’t want comments on your website pages or post then follow this step to disable comments from WordPress.

First of all, you have to install and active  No page comments, check this guide on how to install WordPress Plugins in WordPress.

• After activation, go to settings>>No page comment to configure the plugin.

• If you only want to disable comment on new pages, then check the comments and trackback box and click on update settings button.

• else, if you also want to disable all your previous comment, then click on disable all comment and disable all trackback button under Modify all current section.

Now, your WordPress website is comments free.

If you want to Enable comment on any post or pages then just edit that page or post.

  • In editor screen click on the screen options button on the upper right corner of the screen, then a new menu will pop-up down and click on discussion checkbox.

discussion box-disable comments in wordpress

  • After checking the discussion box.scroll down, you will find discussion meta box on the post editor screen.

  • click on that allow comment box which helps you to selectively enable or disable comments on the single page.
  •  click on update or publish, then it will show comment form on your post or page.

If you want to remove comments completely from your site check this guide on how to remove comments completely.

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