DO profile EXO: Facts, height, Birthplace

Do Profile (From EXO): Do profile & Facts

D.O amazing k-pop singer from South Korea.


Real NameDo Kyung Soo
Stage NameD.O
Occupation/career Singer, Vocalist
Born in12 Jan 1993
Zodiac signCapricorn
Birth placeGoyang city, of Gyeonggi-do Province, South Korea


Height (approx) 173 cm ( 5 feet 8 inches)
Weight (approx)56kg ( 123 lbs)


In his family he has mother, father and one elder brother. 

Do got his education from the Baekseok High School

In 2010, After winning the singing competition he joined  SM entertainment.

His parents were supportive about it, that he wants to become a singer. 

He Revealed that his father owns an arts business and he inherited that artistic talent from his father. 

Do has some nicknames which are funny such as Heenjabuja ( means rich in whites). Pororo, Orchestra boy, pop out eyes and Umma . 

His personality is Quiet, considerate and sentimental. 

He always acts like the mother of all the members in the group and he take care of other members and always cooks for everyone. 

Do, knows only knows basic English. 

His lips are heart shaped and his eyes are round. 

D.O will nag everyone if his room is untidy and messy. 

He’s shy with strangers and he will talk with them only if other people gets close to him and initiate the talk first. 

Also has close friendship with kai. 

Weird habits of biting nails. 

He also likes to sing and chanyeol take care of the guiter part.

Do can play the piano. 

He is very good at cooking and most of the time he cooks for other members. 

His favorite kind of genre in the music is :pop.

Whenever he listen to a song he has habit of making hum sound along with the song. 

In fact he can do beat boxing , singing and interpreting the lyrics.

He often wets his lips with his tongue.

Do don’t likes exercise because of sweating . 

He is very cleanliness person and always tidy and likes to arrange his things in proper manner by brand, it’s types and color. 

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