How to forward multiple emails in Gmail

Do you want to know How to forward multiple emails in Gmail? If yes, then you are in the right place.

So let’s say that maybe your boss told you to forward all the important emails with other workers. But it will take hours if you have to forward hundred or thousand of emails one by one. That is a waste of time. Else you can do one thing that is to send or forward multiple emails in Gmail at once to the people.

Forward multiple emails in Gmail (tools)

There are free chrome extensions were there which you can use for forwarding multiple emails in Gmail.

These extensions help the user to select the multiple emails in Gmail and send them to the recipient.

Probably you don’t need this kind of stuff all the time but actually at the time of forwarding multiple emails to the people.

When to use :

a recruiter joins the company and he needs all the past email details with prospects.

manager of the company wants to forward important emails to the workers.

Companies accountant told you to send or forward all the receipts and invoices.

How to Send multiple emails in Gmail (steps)

In this, you will see the step by step guide on how to forward multiple emails in Gmail.

1.selecting the emails

First, you have to select the emails which you want to forward.

2.Click on the three dotted icon above

So, after selecting the emails you need to click on the three dotted icon in the section above. the “forward as attachment

a popup window will appear,than select the “Forward as attachment“.

4.Type email address

small window will appear, there you have to enter the email address where you want to forward all the emails. received by the recipient.

When you click on send option then the recipient will receive your emails in their inbox.

Now, it’s done you can logout from your Gmail account and if you want to close your browser then close it.

Don’t worry if it is the first time of doing this because the recipient will receive an email just like any other normal email.

There are many tools out there in the market for forwarding multiple emails and maybe google can disable your account because of this.

There are a few tools that you can use for forwarding multiple emails.

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