How to hide WordPress admin login page for more security


Beginners don’t know that how they will hide admin login page in WordPress.It is very important to hide admin login page because it will provide your website a good security against hackers.

There are lots of ways to hide admin login page in WordPress but in this article, we will show you how you can hide admin login area by using a very simple method.


Why you should hide admin login page in WordPress?

If you are not hiding the admin login page then there is a possibility of getting hacked by hackers.Hackers will use different types of methods (dos attack, malicious PHP injection, etc) to crash your site.

for the security of your website, you should hide your admin area.

so, we are going to hide admin login page by changing the URL of admin login page area.It is a basic and simple method to hide.

Read all the instructions that we have provided below and also do follow steps.

NOTE:- First Backup your website because it is very important whenever you are making any changes to your website you must backup your all site data.

Hide admin login area by using a plugin

we are going to use a plugin to hide admin login area for the people except for admin.

First of all, you have to install and activate the plugin (check this guide on how to install and activate plugins).

after activation go back to WordPress admin area

then go to settings>>WPS Hide login, your screen will look like this below screenshot

hide admin login page in WordPress


you will see a login URL field. In that field, add anything which only you can remember.It will become a part of url admin login area.

for example:-

Normal login admin Url:- https//

after adding the” i-love-blogging”:- https//   ( it is just an example)


so, just add anything like alphabets and numbers etc, which you can remember.

after changing the URL of admin login area just copy that Url and paste it somewhere or bookmark the url.

copy the Url and save it somewhere because if you forget then you just need to copy and paste that url into the browser, which will take you to the admin login area.

next, just enter your usual username and password for login to WordPress admin area.

now you have changed your admin login url and only you know the exact url of your WordPress admin login area.


After hiding or changing the URL of  WordPress admin login page, Your old admin login page will look like this whenever anyone tries to find admin login page.


page cannot be foundwe hope you like our guide on how to hide WordPress admin login area.


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