how do people make money on youtube; but before starting, know some facts about youtube.

If you want to know that “how do people make money on youtube” then just read this article.

is the world most popular media sharing network. It launched in 2005  and it created by former employees of PayPal Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim but in November 2006 Google bought it for $1.65 billion dollars and now it is part of Google.

It becomes very popular because of its features like video uploading, view, rate, report, share, comments and many more.

In February 2017 report shows that more than 350 hours of videos uploaded each minute in youtube with more than 300 million views per day and it second most popular sites in the world after Google.

Many people become very successful Youtubers. people think that YouTubers make money by getting views but it’s not true.

actually, YouTubers make money through Google Adsense by showing ads in their videos.

There are so many myths that upload a video, get views and earn lots of money but not at all, in this article, I’m going to tell you that how do people make money on youtube and what are the ways of earning from youtube and what challenges you will face.

How do people make money on youtube

as I tell you above that how do people make money on youtube by showing ads on their video but to “enable monetization(ads) you have to follow some rules and regulations of youtube.

The rule is that when your youtube channel gets 4,000 watch hours and 1,000 subscribers then only you can “enable monetization”.

If you upload any copyrighted content then you will face lots of trouble like your videos will be deleted by youtube and also they can delete your channel if you violate some rules and regulation of youtube.

So, before starting always make some planning for your youtube channel, that what type of videos you are going to upload and how it will attract viewers. Many successful YouTubers who have more than 1 million subscribers they earn more than $100,000 a year.

subscribers are very important because whenever any YouTuber upload videos, people who subscribed to their channel they will get a notification which will help YouTubers to get instant views from their subscribers.

Successful YouTubers earn money by uploading quality videos which are funny, interesting, give information, music videos and many more. when people watch any YouTubers videos they saw ads, if people saw ads of 5 second, 30 seconds , 1+ minute without skip and also when people click on the ads then YouTubers get payments by it.

Ads of 5 seconds have low values like 1000 views 0.60$ but 1+ min ads have a higher value like 1000 views 1$ or 5$.

Now you get a little bit of idea that how do people make on Youtube and below I have define about all the way of earning from youtube.

Youtube Ads:

One of the most asked questions that how much youtube pay per 1000 views? ,

it depends on the product advertisement and country. smartphone unboxing channel has more values than any channel why? because smartphones are high in price and by showing ads it will give companies more sales.

Countries matter because India YouTubers receive less than 1$ per 1000 views and USA YouTubers receive 5$ or more per 1000 views.

Ways of earning From youtube

There are lots of ways like by “enable monetization(advertisement)” which I have already told you in the above that how do people make money on youtube but there are other ways of earning from youtube:-

  • Affiliate marketing:- you must be thinking what is an affiliate marketing? but if you know then, it means you are going to promote or give a review of any products in your youtube or website and companies will pay you for each sale generated by your affiliate link or they will pay you some amounts($$$) to make a review video for them to promote their products.
    •    example:-  smartphone companies pay high to the YouTubers to promote their phones shown in the videos so that more people buy after watching videos.
  • Sale anything from your own online website:-If you have a very popular youtube channel with million of subscriber and views then you can start your own online business to earn lots of money by promoting your products on will generate millions of sales and also you can earn more than $500,000 a year but it’s totally Up to you.
    • example:- or product (selling)+Youtube channel (million subs) = Sales ($$$)
    • view this guide on how to create a website without knowing any codes.
  • Events: if you have a stronger community then Schedule an event in places where your fans are most engaged. Events will help you to gain opportunities to sell merchandise or tickets.

After reading all those information above ,I’m pretty much sure that now you know that How do people make money on youtube.

next,you will learn what challenges you will face to becomeyoutuber.

challenges you will face:

you might be thinking what challenges you will face, ok I will tell you the challenges and strategies to tackle that. challenges you will face are

  • Competition:
    • we all know that each minute more than 350 videos uploaded to youtube and youtube will not rank your videos on the first page until it gets a good amount of views from the audience but for bigger channels, it is easy to tackle because they have millions of subscriber who will watch his video instantly by getting notification. So new channels will suffer first but I have a solution which I’m going to tell you.
    • Social media:- share your videos on social media like facebook, twitters, Instagram and Reddit.more solution on next topic “get more subscriber and views to  your channel
  • 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers before advertising:-
    • as I mentioned above that for using advertising method you will need 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours.
    • upload good quality video and before writing a title and description find a good keyword to make your title and description more perfect so that it will help your video to rank higher and to get more subscriber and viewers.
  • Rules and regulations(to avoid any kind of banned ):-

    There are lots of rules and regulation are there but I’m going to tell you only the most important rule which is very important for beginners.

    •  Never use copyright materials if you get any copyright strike then your video will be deleted and if you get more than 2 strikes than your channel will be before using any copyright things in your videos such as music and video from another channel, first take permission from them and give credits to them by adding their channel link on your video description.
    • other rules and regulation you can check by going to this youtube official rules and regulation page.

In this article “how do people make money on youtube,I’m going to tell you about that how you can grow your channel and how to get more subscriber fast.

Factors to grow your channel and gain more subscriber and views:

New Youtubers here you are going to learn some tips and tactics to achieve your goals. I’m going to tell 6 factors which help your youtube channel to gain more subscriber and more views by using different tactics to promote your youtube channels.

you must be tired of making tons of videos but nothing you are achieving but here is the solution with details.

know the Factors and do planning according to factors to achieve anything in your life.

Please include attribution to with this graphic.

gain more subscriber in youtube

  • Quality of video and audio matters:-
    • First and most important things which matter most is the quality of your video, audio and also in which thing your video is based on. First of all, in which topic you are going create a video like infographics information or funny, science, and technology or cooking channels. search for its popularity (example:- how to cook, how to create) then write a good script and create videos according to a script.
  • intros and outros:-
    • Intros before starting a video and outros after ending a video. Create a beautiful eye-catching introduction for your youtube channels and add use it in your video. To create youtube intros and outros you can use this free services but be sure to credit them in the description ok.(panazoid
  • SEO for Rank higher:-
    • Search Engine optimization matter most in video rankings, so do keywords searching.
    • Use this service by Google to search keywords for your video and use keywords in your video titles(must) and in your description according to your description length. (write 200 words and use keywords two times)
  • Use of social media:-
    • as we all know that social media is the best choice for promoting your video by sharing with your friends and groups and tell all the people to share, like and subscribe.
    • Create pages and accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter to get more subscriber from it.
  • Ads:-
    • It is not a free method but effective methods for your youtube channel. promote your youtube channel using facebook and google ads to receive more views and subscribers.
  • get help from influencers:-
    • social media Influencers are the best choice to promote your youtube channel. find Instagram influencers who has more than 30k followers and email them about it that you want to promote your youtube channel and how much they will take for promoting it and do the deal. you will get man subscribers.
  •  like, share, subscribe:-
    • Always add these things ” thanks for watching”,” like”,” share” and “don’t forget to subscribe”.add it after an introduction and also add at the end of the video.

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