how to create a distribution list in Gmail

Ge the information on how to create a distribution list in Gmail or create a group in Gmail ?- you must be a Gmail user and that’s why you are here.

maybe you want to send an email to your worker? or to your customers? or maybe to your blog subscriber right.

for that, you need to know about Gmail distribution list ..right? because it’s very difficult to send 200 people an email separately.

and here Gmail distribution list is work like a charm and you can send an email at one click to all the people.

so it is easy, no workload and less time consumption.

Gmail has lots of amazing features in it and googles provide most of it free.

In 2020 google update Gmail looks and some of its features. creating distribution list is different in 2020.

So, here you will see new steps of creating a distribution list in 2020

But before that let’s talk about distribution list in Gmail and why you need it and it is helpful or not.

a distribution list is very helpful at the time of sending emails to a particular group of people.

you just have creat distribution list in Gmail so, that you can send the email at one go.

It will save a lot of time and you don’t have to send an email to every person separately.

so, without any wasting time, I’ll give you the step by step on how to create a distribution list in Gmail.

I’m Damn sure after following the guide you will be able to create your Gmail distribution list very easily.

let’s start the step by step guide on how to create an email group in Gmail.

You need gmail account for the steps,just reminder.

How to create a distribution list in Gmail (step by step)

First Login to and create a distribution list in Gmail by following the guide:-

After login you will see the Box icon at the top-right, click on that icon, a popup will open with google app list.(↑)

now click on contact it will take you to the google contact. (↑)

or open a new tab then copy and paste this URL( in the address bar of the browser.

(you will see your google contact page as shown in the below image)

click on “create label”  (popup window will appear).

then Name the group and click on the save button.

Now, click on the newly created label, you will see that there is no contact. (↑above image)

then, go back to the contacts, you will see the saved contact.  (Now we will transfer the contact to the new label or group )

now, select the contact which you want in that new list. (↑above image)

Next, click on the label icon above, you will see a small popup, then select the group list. (↑)

click on the Apply button to transfer the contact. (↑)

Click the newly created label, you can see the contact that you have transferred.

The distribution list is done, next, we will learn to send a message to the newly created group from Gmail.

Go back to the Gmail

click on compose to send an email.

Now in “TO” section type your newly created group name,(you will see small popup list of all the email )

Then click on the popup list to add all the contacts in the “TO” section.

and that’s it.

then write an amazing email and send the email by one click to all the people.


Creating distribution list in gmail is very important. It help at the time of sending email to the 100s of gmail account.

it help at time of invitation and for sending importnant details to your worker and many more.

Thank you for reading article on “how to create a distribution list in gmail” and if you have any doubts, comment below.

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