How to Fax from Gmail with few clicks

How to fax from Gmail? .., it is very important to know about it.

Because Gmail provides a free service to send a fax.

It is very easy to do and anyone can do it.

Here we will show, very easy steps to fax from Gmail.

You will be able to fax important documents instantly.

Fax from Gmail Account

First, you have to sign up a fax service which supports faxing from email.

Always remember that most of the fax service provides a certain number of free faxes and after that, you have to subscribe to use fax received service.

You can now send the file, images and many more.

Multiple formats are supported including DOC, TXT, JPG, PDF and also you can send notes or important messages.

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How to fax from Gmail – step by step guide

First login to

Create a new email in Gmail by clicking on Compose.

next, in the TO section type the recipient’s fax number (include area code) with the domain of your service provider.

For example:- if you have efax account and you wanted to send a fax to 1-333-444-5555 than you need to enter it like this: 13334445555 Domain value such as is important because it specified the individual fax service provider. so before sending just verify an exact structure.

If you want to attach any file or any type of documents then just click on the clip icon and select the documents to attach it.

After attaching document and some messages you can now click on save button.

One thing your fax transferred instantly but it depends on the third-party service provider.

Confirmation of fax will be available in the user area of the fax-service-provider.

You can also send a fax from Gmail app very easily and steps are same.

Thank you for reading this article.

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