how to remove comments completely from WordPress site

If you use static pages on your website or else if you don’t need comments section in your post then removing comments section is a good idea. If you want to remove comments completely from WordPress site. In this article, we will show you how to remove comments step by step.

Reason for Removing comments in WordPress

Many WordPress website owners don’t want to have comments because their site is consists of only static pages and commenting on static pages means wastage of storage.

storage capacity is very important for your website because it is where you’re all website data, contents, media is stored. If you have limited storage capacity then comments will decrease storage capacity available.

some Bloggers also don’t want to have comments section on their blog. They think that it is bad for the blog and it will make blog messy.

one problem is that even if you manually turn off the comments, maybe they can still pop-up anywhere on the blog because WordPress comes with built-in support for comments.

you can easily disable comments on WordPress pages but it will not completely remove comments from your WordPress site.

Don’t worry we have one simple solution for it, let’s see.

Remove comments completely from WordPress site

First of all, you need to install and activate the Disable comments plugin.

For furthermore detail, check this guide on how to install WordPress Plugins in WordPress.

After activation of plugin, Follow this simple step guide:-

go to Settings » Disable comments page to configure plugin settings.

disable comment completely plugin


you can see that Setting page is divided into two sections

  •  1st option will disable all comments item on your WordPress website.
  •  2nd option will give you to select where you want to disable comments (post, pages, media).

select the 1st option to remove WordPress comments completely from your website.

click on the “save changes” button.

Now that your comment is completely removed, you can now visit any post on your site to see the changes.

 now, Comments will not going to display anymore, so you don’t have to delete any existing comments.
Disable comment plugin will also remove the comments item from the menu and all comment-related controls from your WordPress admin area.

Remove  “comment form, existing comments and Comments  closed messages ” manually

Disable comment will remove comment form, existing comments and Comments closed messages from old posts easily.
 If your WordPress theme still displaying comment form,  existing comments and Comments closed from old posts. Even after using disable comment plugin then follow this manual method to remove the old post.
First,login to Cpanel ” file manager”
2. click on “public.html “
3.go to “wp-content.php on themes folder and then go to folder for a file name “comments.php” and rename it to “comments_old.php”,create new file “comments.php” and save it.
Now, you have empty comments templates to your WordPress, no comment related anything will be shown.
If you find that your theme does not contain”comments.php” then contact your theme developer to know which file you need to edit for this.

you can also check this:-


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  1. Wow, thank you!
    I don´t usually find themes where the comments are so difficult to turn off in static pages. I am using Novelite for a client and was going crazy trying to disallow them in static pages but there was no easy way.
    I´ve followed your instructions and it works!!
    Thanks, it was most helpful.


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