How to install Google analytics to WordPress site

Install Google Analytics  to WordPress

In just 3 minutes you will be able to install google analytics to WordPress site easily.

Google analytics is important because it shows that how many people visit your website every day and number of unique visitors and also the performance of your website.

It helps you to track your WordPress website visitors, a number of page views and how much time they spend on your site.

Google Analytics is free for everyone.First of all, you have to create a google analytics accounts.

Sign up for google analytics

First of all, Go to  google analytics and Click on signup button
signup to Google analytics-install google analytics on wordpress
then it will take you to the new page where you have to fill all details.
Username-choose good username which you can remember.
Website URL- or
create google analytics account
After filling all the details, then click on get tracking ID button. a new pop up window will appear with terms and condition, click on accept button.
terms and condition screenshot of google analytics
Now, you are done with creating google analytics account.
next, you have to add tracking code to your WordPress website.
So, follow the steps below

Add google analytics tracking code using the plugin

you just need to install and active google analytics plugin in WordPress.It is free and you just need to configure it with few click.
Go back to WordPress admin area
Go to google analytics >>general settings and click on authorize plugin button.
google analytics
Then, a new page will come where you need to generate and save access code.
Click on Get access code link, a new window will pop-up which asks you to allow to get data from your google analytics account.
get access code
Click on allow button take you to the new page where you will see access code provided by Google API.
Copy that code and paste it in the access code field then click on save access code button.
Then the new screen will come with website detail (Name, tracking ID, Default URL, Time zone).Next, click on save changes button.yes, that’s it.
save changes to install analytics in wordpress
 You don’t have to go to google analytics because this plugin will create one mini-analytic in your WordPress Dashboard which will show a number of page views, users, time on page etc.
mini-analytics dashboard in wordpress
Go back to your admin area, click on dashboard area and scroll down to see mini-analytic of your website.
After for some time, you will be able to see all the data of your website like “number of page views, the session ” etc.

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