How to invite others to Gmail or invite friends and family

Gmail is a email service provided by google and it has lots of features in it.

It’s now most popular email service and has billions of active users and users increasing every year.

Gmail can access by web browser and if you have smartphone than you can also use it through Gmail app.

It’s super easy to create an account and to send emails to anyone.

Not only that you can also communicate using instant messaging feature and if you want to open a Facebook , Instagram account than you can use Gmail account address for that also.

And all these services it’s providing for free and it’s very secure and powerful.

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So, if you are using Gmail and you want to invite others to Gmail Or to invite your friends on Gmail than you can invite them very easily.

But now there is one problem that is google stop this particular invitation feature in 2007. SO, here I have solution for that.

Here is the steps to invite friends to Gmail.

1.first open Gmail app Or open on your Browser.

( note:-if you are using smartphone Or tablet than select desktop version in google chrome by clicking on three vertical dots, popup menu will appear than select desktop).

2.than log in to your Gmail account using username and password.

3.after successful login, compose icon click on that to send an email. ,type their e-mail address in to section (example:-

5.ln body section write an invitation message that “join Gmail to use it’s free service ” And copy and paste this link :

5.than click on send button.

Than the email receiver will follow the link to create new Gmail account.

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