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J-Hope one of the main Dancer and one of the lead rappers in the group. He is a lyric writer and record producer.

Once upon a time, j hope was part of the underground dance team” Neuron” and won many prizes for his dance.

He was the third member who joins the bangtan boys as a trainee after RM and Suga.

Real name:– Jung Ho Seok

Born in:- 18 February 1994

Age:- 25

Height:- 5.9 inches (177cm)

weight:- 59 kg (130 lbs)

Blood group:- A

Hobbies:- listen to music and window shopping

zodiac sign:- Aquarius

Educated from:- Gwangju Global High School, Global Cyber University.

Fun Facts about J-Hope

  • J-Hope birthplace “Gwangju in South Korea”.
  • He was the rapper in 2AM’s Jokwon’s “Animal”.
  • He wants to be a source of light and hope so that’s why he decided to choose the name “J-Hope” as his stage name.
  • He has a sister older than him.
  • loves kimchi and J-Hope likes to eat like a king.
  • BTS members told that he is the best dancer among them and he is a talented BTS member.
  • In the group everyone calls him BTS mother because he always scolds the other members of bangtan boys like a mother, he cleans the other bts member rooms and his room is very neat and clean.
  • green is a favorite color for him.
  • He actually auditioned for JYP Entertainment and in this audition, J-Hope and B.A.P Young Jae auditioned together.
  • His favorite season is spring.
  • 7 (seven) is a favorite number.
  • J-Hope role models and inspiration are:- J.Cole, Beenzino, G-Dragon and A$AP Rocky.
  • He has a weird sleeping habit that he raised his arms above his head when laying down.
  • he doesn’t like workouts and exercise.
  • On 2nd March 2018, he released his first mixtape “hope world” with a title daydreams.
  • ideal type girl: who loves him and thinks a lot, she needs to be good at cooking.
  • J-Hope’s Spotify playlist

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