J-hope BTS Profile, wiki, Ideal type, Age

J-Hope one of the main Dancer and one of the lead rappers in the group. He is a lyric writer and record producer.

Once upon a time, j hope was part of the underground dance team” Neuron” and won many prizes for his dance.

He was the third member who joins the bangtan boys as a trainee after RM and Suga.

Real NameJung Ho Seok
stage nameJimin
Born in18 February 1994
Gwangju, South Korea
Height5.9 inches (177cm)
Age25 years
weight62 kg (136 lbs)
Blood groupA
zodiac SignAquarius
Education Gwangju Global High School, Global Cyber University
Hip Hop
LabelsBig hit company
Other korean nameJeong Ho-seok
Chǒng Hosǒk

Fun Facts about J-Hope

  • J-Hope birthplace is “Gwangju city in South Korea”.
  • He was the rapper in 2AM’s Jokwon’s “Animal”.
  • In 2012, jhope danced in Jo Kwon’s video “I’m Da One”.
  • During his elementary school, He had dreamed of becoming a professional tennis player.
  • When he was a child he was fan of the anime “Atashin’chi”.
  • First music album he bought was G.O.Ds.
  • He wants to be a source of light and hope so that’s why he decided to choose the name “J-Hope” as his stage name.
  • He has a sister older than him.
  • loves kimchi and J-Hope likes to eat like a king.
  • In his school days, he did not like mathematics.
  • During his trainee days, he had tough times and he leave the team for some time but later his teammates convinced him to come back and after that they made their debut appearance as BTS.
  • BTS members told that he is the best dancer among them and he is a talented BTS member.
  • He is a very good dancer and posts his dance-practice videos on the official website of BTS and on Twitter under the title “Hope on the Street”.
  • other member affectionately called him Manger Jung because he played a crucial role in Choreographing amazing dance moves in the BTS Song.
  • after joining the Agency He started rapping.
  • In the group everyone calls him BTS mother because he always scolds the other members of bangtan boys like a mother, he cleans the room of other members and his room is very neat and clean.
  • He is the only in the group who doesn’t have any kind of Ear piercings.
  • green is a favorite color for him.
  • His favorite dessert is Tiramisu
  • He actually auditioned for JYP Entertainment and in this audition, J-Hope and B.A.P Young Jae auditioned together.
  • His favorite season is spring.
  • 7 (seven) is a favorite number.
  • He like melodrama types of movies.
  • Favorite song is creep by Radiohead.
  • J hope role models and inspiration are:- J.Cole, Beenzino, G-Dragon and A$AP Rocky.
  • He has a weird sleeping habit that he raised his arms above his head when laying down.
  • he doesn’t like workouts and exercise.
  • On 2nd March 2018, he released his first mixtape “hope world” with a title daydreams and He ranked 63rd on the billboard 200 , which is big for any Korean solo artist but later his teammate RM released a mixtape song “mono” which broke that record.
  • wrestler and actor Jhon cena picked him as his favorite from the group.
  • ideal type girl: who loves him and thinks a lot, she needs to be good at cooking.
  • He has Very bright and energetic personality, that’s why he is referred as a sunshine of the team.
  • favorite subject during his school days was Music
  • If he get chance to introduce his sister than he would like to introduce her to jungkook.
  • He can speaks different languages such as Korean, Chinese, Japanese and english.
  • He hated doing aegyo but he changed his mind after debut.
  • Whenever he encounters some problems or concerns he shares it with Suga and RM for advice.
  • He gets scared very easily.
  • When jhope was child his father was literature teacher and he introduced literature subject to him.
  • In BTS s mini daram Flower boys, j hope played role literature teacher. He likes to read literature
  • When he was a young child at that time, his father used to cook seaweed soup five days a week and that is why he can recognize the texture and smell of seaweed very easily.
  • He doesn’t need any kind of prescribe glasses as he has very good eyesight and if wear lenses or glasses than that’s just for fashion purpose Only.
  • His favorite cold drink is Sprite.
  • If someone strokes his hair than he likes it – he says it helps him to get a good sleep because when he was a child his mother used to pat him gently so that he can sleep peacefully.
  • Main melodies in “Dinoysus” written and produced by him.
  • More than Korean food, he prefers to eat bulgogi.
  • He Surpassed BIGBANG’s G-Dragon and becomes the most followed Korean solo singer on Spotify.
  • He wrote “Blue side” more than three years ago, around the same time when he had written “1verse”.

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