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Bts Jimin

Jimin BTS

Bts Jimin wiki: he is a lead vocalist and also Main dancer of BTS and a Song writer ,record producer. He joined big hit entertainment on 2011 but after giving audition.

Real NamePark Jimin
stage nameJimin
Born inOctober 13, 1995
District Geumjeong, Busan, South Korea
Height5.8 inches ( 173 cm)
weight60 kg (132 lbs)
Blood groupA
zodiac SignLibra
Education Busan High School of Arts and Global Cyber  University
LabelsBig hit company
Other korean nameBak Ji-min
Pak Chimin

In 12 June 2013 with the new release album Cool 2 Skool, he joined the (Bangtan Boys).  last member who join BangTan Boys.

He has hobby of relaxing if he get any chance.

In feb 2014 He graduated and Educated from Busan High School of Arts and Global Cyber  University  with course film major and Theater (bachelor).

His close friends :- Kai from EXO’s , Ravi from VIXX’s,  Sungwon from Wanna One’s and Timoteo from HOTSHOT’s ,  Teamin from SHINee’s.

 In the documentary of   “Burn the Stage”, Jimin thinks that he is a perfectionist and also said that he feel guilty for smallest mistakes on the stage.

His “Fake Love” Fancam has already reached 29.3 million on YouTube, and it is the most viewed fancam in Kpop.

 uses eyeliner while practicing the choreography or else he wont be able to show strong expressions and he will get shyat that time.

His Hobbies are:- Reading books and novels, hang out with friends and staying on his phone for hours.

 He enjoys lot while reading comic books and said that it influenced him a lot.

“Taemin” From SHINee said that he want to collaborate with “Kai” From EXO and “Jimin” From BTS on his solo album.

 In Busan dance competition “ Busan City Kids 2011 Vol. 2  ” he and Woojin from Wanna One’s and Daniel participated . In the semifinal his team defeated Woojin’s team and in the final Daniel’s team and his team confronted.

Some facts about bts Jimin

has one younger brother and his name is Park Ji-hyun.

He jokingly hits others in the group for showing his affection for them.

He is the third youngest member in the korean group.

favorite number :- 3 (three).

He practiced modern dance before joining the school.

He had three choices of stage names :- baby j , Baby g, Young kid but he decided to use his real name as a stage name.

nickname:- Mang-gae rice cake.

 he was in 8th grade He  learned ‘popping’.

 learned popping in the 8th grade.

Jimin, Daniel and Wanna One’s Woojin participated in a busan dance competition.

His family consists of mother, father and one younger sister.

He loves his eyes most.

According to him, the requirements for his happiness are:- money,stage and love.

no matter where he is, he Has a habit of dancing  along to the music.

He also has very impressive abs.

He think that he is most confident in his eyes.

he feels sorry for kicking his fellow bts members during the performance of ‘No More Dream’ .

 after watching a performance of rain He became interested in a singing career.

 He achieved black belt in taekwondo.

when he was in school age, he love to study ,physical education, math, chemistry and arts.

Jimin and V were classmates in high school and they are very close friends from childhood.

also entered in bushan high school of arts as the top student in modern dance and later on he transferred to korea arts high school with v.

Also he was a class president for 9 years.

jungkook always make fun of his height.

His favorite colour is :- purple black and blue.

He think that Money is important.

 he want to steal few things from others in the bts group like  Suga’s knowledge, V’s talent and gaze , RM’s height and J-Hope’s cleanliness.

Role model is :- chris brown  and Taeyang  BIGBANG’s.

favorite foods are chicken, pork, kimchi jigae, duck,  and fruits.

If you want to know that which colour he likes than there is no specific colour  He likes, he likes all the hair colors he’s tried so far.

All agreed that , he has improved a lot since he made his debut.

He want to be a coolest singer.

 on cold and sunny days He listen music because it makes him feel good.

In their mini Drama “Flower boys” ,He played a role of physical education Teacher.

Once He said that he looks like a pig because he has chubby cheeks.

Other member said that he is the scariest when he gets irritated or angry.

He is very clumsy and often seen falling from beds, chairs and even slipping on the stage.

He like to east sour things like lemons etc

 jokingly he said that, wants to go on a date with Jungkook while holding his hand. Once Jungkook talked about his wishes and he shouted and said that:- “Live happily together with me”.

He is the most energetic person in the group.

likes sunny type but cool weather.

 He ranked at 64th position in the  ‘Top 100 Handsome Faces 2017”.

his favorite Hero in avengers is Hulk because he think there are many people who like iron man.

 When he face problems  and If he can’t solve it, he share it with V and ask for his opinion or advice.

his ideal type :-  cute girl, nice  and also shorter than him.


collaborated with one fellow bts member Jungkook for “Christmas Day” in 2014, a Korean version of of Justin Bieber’s “Mistletoe” ,the korean lyrics of this song is written by Jimin.

on June, 2, 2017  he collaborated with Jungkook for the song cover of “We Don’t Talk Anymore”, originally by Selena Gomez and Charlie Puth.

he has released two solo music “Lie” and Serendipity . In 2016 “Lie” song was released in the album “Wings”  and “serendipity” was released in the album “love yourself: Answers” in August, 24, 2018.

“Lie” and “Serendipity” get more than fifty million streams on Spotify and it is the first record in five years by a Korean pop solo song after “Gentleman” by Psy.

In 2016 He participated in a variety of shows such as “Please Take Care of My Refrigerator”, “God’s Quiz”,  and “Hello Counselor”.

Also won the monthly Peeper-x Billboard Award for “Individual Top Korean-Pop Artist “.It is a collaboration between peeper social media app and Billboard Korea, where fans vote for their favorite korean-pop artist and they announce monthly winners.

Jimin’s Spotify playlist

Follow  On Twitter :- they share 1 single twitter account :-  @bts

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