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jin BTS

Jin is a vocalist and also one of popular Bts members. His Real name is Kim Seok jin. He is very caring, humble and funny.

 His new nickname is “MADNAE” because he love to act like a maknae.

Age:- 27

zodiac:- Sagittarius

Blood group:- O

Body weight:- 60 kg (132 lbs)

Date of Born:- December 4, 1992

Height measurement:- 5.11 inches (179 cm)

He described himself as a Dekishugi from Doraemon catroon. His hobbies are playing games on the Nintendo, taking selcas, Cooking.

At young age he wants to be a detective. His father is CEO of Any company. He  can play guiter and piano. He gets scared very easily and His favorite animal is alpaca.

Educated from  Konkuk University and Hanyang Cyber University – Films major (masters)

Some known and unknown facts about jin:-

He is chef of the BTS Group.

he also said that he eat once in two hours.

 very good at cooking.

His favourite colours blue and pink.

Oldest member of bts.

He Blink his left eye when he is hungry

Role models :- BIGBANG’s T.O.P

He likes Spring weather with sunlight.

He likes disney princess.

love to eat junk Foods and  naengmyeon (Korean cold noodles), hamburgers, chicken pizza. lobster

Favorite number is 4 (four).

when he sleeps he sings ‘ Johayo ‘.

 Also has an older brother.

likes to look at  photos and cooking recipes.

 according to the all other members Jin has the best body among them.

He thinks pink hair colour suits him.

once he stated that if he was a girl, he would date Jimin because jimin is very shy and someone like jin would help him to open up and how to be social.

His ideal type is a girl whose  personality and  looks is similar to a puppy, take care of him, kind and good at cooking,

Jin’s Spotify Playlist

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