What is Language processor and types

Language processer and it’s type with Details

Language Processor

Language processors are the type of processors or software, which are designed to convert the (HLL) High-level language (JAVA, C++, Python) into machine language.

As programmers prefer to write code in one of the “HLL” because it is much easier to code in such languages.

However, the computer does not understand any languages.

it only understands its own machine language( binary language (0,1) ).

So, it becomes necessary to process an HLL program to make it an understandable language for the computer.

Language processors are system software which will perform this task.

There are types of processors which work differently. Below we have discussed those.

Note:- code/source-code/script/program is used to denote the “HLL “.

Types of language processors are:


It is one of the language processors, Assembler converts the code written in an assembly language into its own language (1,0).


It is also one of the language processors which convert the High-level language into a binary language(0,1) by converting and executing line by line.

When there is an error in any line then it reports it and execution of the script cannot resume until the error is solved.

An interpreter must be present in the memory every time the source-code is executed, as every time the source-code is run, a source-code is first interpreted and then executed.

For debugging, it is very useful because it reports the fault at the same time.

When an error is removed then unnecessary memory usage takes place because it has to be present in the memory always.


Compiler process to convert code into Machine Language

The compiler also converts the program into machine language but the conversion is different from an interpreter.

It converts the entire HLL in one go.

If there is an error in the script then the compiler reports all of it along with the line number.

When all the faults are removed from the script then the script gets recompiled and after that compiler is not needed in the memory because the object program is already available in the memory

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