Tamilrockers movie Download Hindi, telugu,Tamil, English, and Dubbed Movies

Tamilrockers Hindi , Tamil and dubbed movies download free: It is one of the most pirated movie websites in the world. It is very popular in India because it managed to leak all the new movies. Tamilrockers becomes huge threat to the entire global movie industry because of the piracy. Here you will know about … Read more

Best NBA players of all time

Best NBA players of all time: These are the best NBA players and they are very popular. Ranked by thousands of fans.Below you will see Nine best NBA players Source:- www.ranker.com Don’t forget to share it and keep supporting us You can also Read:- Highest paid NBA players

How to Fax from Gmail

How to fax from Gmail? .., it is very important to know about it. Because Gmail provides a free service to send a fax. It is very easy to do and anyone can do it. Here we will show, very easy steps to fax from Gmail. You will be able to fax important documents instantly. … Read more

How to recover deleted emails from Gmail

How to recover deleted emails from Gmail, let’s start a discussion about it. if you are here it means you want to know about the How to recover deleted emails Gmail right?. by mistake, you have lost an important email. so, don’t worry there are two methods to recover your Gmail. Steps are very easy … Read more

What is RAM (Random access memory)

what is Ram

RAM (Random access memory) is a volatile memory, means when the power of a computer goes off, then all the contents in ram get vanished. In the RAM, the memory cells accessed by transferring the information from any random locations. That is, the process of locating a word in memory is the same and requires … Read more

Language processors

language processors

language processors are the type of processors or software, which design to convert the (HLL) High-level language (JAVA, C++, Python) into machine language. As programmers prefer to write code in one of the “HLL” because it is much easier to code in such languages. However, the computer does not understand any languages. it only understands … Read more

Application Software

What is Application software

What is Application software : Application software refers to the programs, written to perform specific tasks such as inventory control, presentation, medical accounting, billing, and financial accounting, etc. For instance, an Application that can perform billing function can not prepare result for a school. In simple word, An application software is the set of program, … Read more