What is RAM ?(Random Access Memory)

What is RAM (Random Access memory): Types

It is a Volatile Memory in the Device

RAM (Random Access Memory)

RAM (Random Access Memory) is a volatile memory, meaning when the power of a computer goes off, then all the contents in the RAM gets erased.

In the RAM, the memory cells are accessed by transferring the information from any random locations. That is, the process of locating a word in memory is the same and requires an equal amount of memory, that’s why the name is “random access”.

communication between RAM and it’s environment is possible through the data input and output lines, address selection lines, control lines which specify the direction of transfer.

Types of RAM

RAM in a computer can be two types:-

Dynamic random access memory.

Static random access memory.

Dynamic (DRAM)

Dynamic Ram consists of a transistor and a capacitor. The capacitor is capable of storing an electric charge.

It fully depends on the switching action of the transistor that capacitor either contains charge (1bit) or does not hold a charge (1bit).

It usually provides volatile storage which means its content is going to vanish in the event of power failure.

The amount of time taken to produce data required from memory, from the start of access until the availability of data known as memory access time.

Nowadays dram chip accessing time range:- below 7 to 70 nanosecond.

DRAM storage density

Consists of only one transistor and capacitor Per bit.

It allows a Dram Chip to pack a large number of cells within the cheap in comparison to the SRAM.

Basically, the chips are available in 128 bit or 256-bit densities or even more.

DRAM refreshing

There is a problem in the capacitor because it starts losing the charge over a period of time.

It can only retain its data for thousands of seconds.

Read attempt also drains out the charges and Due to this reason the memory controller needs to refresh its contents (a thousand times per second) which is known as “Memory refreshing”.

The refreshing operation consumes precious processor time and each refresh Cycle takes several CPU cycles to complete.

Static (SRAM)

Static RAM is also volatile but as long as they are supplied with the power, they don’t need any special Regenerate circuit to retain it’s stored data.

It basically consists of internal flip flops which store the binary information.

The Stored data remains valid as long as power is applied to the unit.

Static takes more space than the dynamic .

Static RAM used in the specialized application and dynamic Ram used as a primary storage section of computers and smartphones.

It is easier to use and has a shorter read and write cycle compared to the dynamic.

What is RAM in a computer?

RAM means Random access memory which is a volatile memory. When the computer shuts down or goes off, all the contents in ram get vanished and it cannot be reverted.

What is RAM used for ?

Ram is used in devices to run the application or program. It does all the operation in the devices.
Such as laptops, smartphones, PCs etc.

What is RAM and how does it work?

As we know that ram is a volatile memory. In RAM, memory cells are accessed by transfer of information from any random location. The process of searching a word in memory is similar and requires the same amount of memory, hence it is known as “random access”.

Different types of RAM?

There are two types of RAM:

1.Dynamic: it consists of a transistor and a capacitor and the capacitor has the ability to store an electric charge.

2.Static: it is also volatile but as long as it is supplied with the power, SRAM doesn’t need any special Regenerate circuit to retain its stored data.

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