How to rename the Uncategorized category

Beginners always face confusion about “Uncategorized” category in WordPress.It is important to rename the uncategorized category in WordPress because it will help visitors to navigate in your site easily.

rename the uncategorized category in WordPress

Default category

In WordPress, There are two taxonomies “category and tags’.

new installation of WordPress comes with default category and this default category named as “uncategorized’.

Whenever you are writing a post in WordPress, that post should be added to a category.If you forget to add any post, that post will be automatically added to the default category, this default category termed as “Uncategorized” in WordPress.

So there is only two solution:-

  1. you can rename Uncategorized categories.
  2. make a new default category.

NOTE:-you can change the URL slug if your site not indexed by search engines.If your site is indexed by search engines, then changing the URL will show a 404 error when any visitors or search engine will visit the old URL but we have a solution for it, so read this article it will only take 3 minutes and your confusion will be gone after reading this.

rename the uncategorized category (steps)

1.log into your WordPress admin area. on post >> categories.

3. Click on “ edit” link below the Uncategorized category.

a new page will open with category edit screen, where you can rename your category and also change its URL slug

Do not forget to click the update bar at the bottom of the screen.

 Make a new default category 


you can make a new default category very easily.if you have another category then you can make it a default category.

so, now follow the steps:-


1.go to posts >> categories.

2.create new category and click on” Add New Category” bar at the bottom of the screen.

so, now you have a new category

4.go to settings >>writing page. on “Uncategorized “drop-down menu and select the new category to make it default category.

change default category in WordPress

6. don’t forget to click on “save changes” bar at the a result, now you have new default category.

 Redirecting Old Uncategorized URL

If your website is already live and indexed by a search engine then changing your slug will affect visitors and search engine because it will show a 404 error when any visitors or search engine will visit the old URL.

Here we have a solution which can fix this problem.Therefore, you need to install and activate this plugin, known as”Redirection” .you can check our guide on “How to install WordPress plugin easily

after activation, go to tools>>Redirection page and enter or paste old URL to  Source URL section and your new URL to Target URL section and click on “add Redirect” bar.redirect to new url

That’s it, if visitors will come to your old ‘Uncategorized’ category URL then they will be redirected to the new URL.

you can also check this guide:-

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