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RM ( Rapper )

RM BTS Rapper

Rm is main rapper  and oldest bts members since 2010. He is the leader of Bangtan boys. He is a song writer and also a music producer. His Rapping skill is very amazing that’s why Fans call him rap monster.

His actual name is kim Nam Joon. RM Old stage name was Rap monster. on 13 November 2017, In group’s official fan cafe Rap Monster wrote a message announcing that he changed his stage name from Rap Monster to RM, stand for “Real Me”.


weight:- 67 Kg (147 lbs)

Date of born:-  12 September 1994

Height Measurement:- 5.11 inches (181 cm)

He collaborated with many american and kpop artists. On 4 March 2015, he released a single “Please Don’t Die” with Warren G. He described himself as an atheist and his Hobbies are surfing the web.

Some known and unknown facts about RM:-

 He was born in Ilsan, Gyeonggi-d, South Korea .

Once He was an underground rapper with a stage name “ Runch Randa ”.

He also stayed and studied in New Zealand for 6 months.

favorite number is 1 (one).

He learned to speak English by himself and he can also speak english very well.

Once he collaborated with zico (underground Rapper).

He also has one younger sister.

favorite items are clothes, books, computers.

He said that he would like to date J-Hope because J-Hope’s personality is like his mother.

His favorite colors are purple, pink and black.

He Has a weird habit of rolling his shoulders back to loosen them up before performing on the stage.

his role models are Kanye West and A$AP Rocky.

he think that silver hair colour suits him.

He Openly supports gay/lesbian rights.

favorite foods are  chicken, Korean noodles and meat.

oldest member of BTS (since 2010).

He collaborated with Marvel “Fantastic Four” for soundtrack.

He also composed more than 100+ songs.

His Ideal type is  Someone look Sexy, confident and thoughtful.

RM Spotify playlist

Follow RM Twitter :- bts members share one single twitter account: @bts, Instagram:- @bts

other  bts members:- jin , jimin

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