What is a SEO Friendly URL Structure in WordPress

Beginners often asked this question that what is the best SEO friendly URL structure? Now, WordPress use SEO friendly structure which is very good for search engine.so first you need to know about the “permalink”.We will explain you about SEO friendly structure and how to customize permalink in WordPress?.

It is very easy to understand, you just need to read this article and follow this guide to create SEO friendly URL structure.

SEO friendly URL structure (explanation)

SEO friendly url structure

SEO friendly URLs contain keywords which explain the article or content, they are very easy to read.WordPress uses the post name in the URLs which is the most compatible SEO friendly URL structure.It also help your website to rank higher in search engines.

“Example of Non-SEO URLs structure:-


Example of SEO friendly URLs structure:-

https://www.wikitoinfo.com/how-to-make-website/ “

In WordPress, you can change or modify default URLs.Now WordPress use SEO friendly URLs.

Permalinks and how to modify it (explanation)

URL is known as permalinks in WordPress.Permalink is URL which is used by blog or website and you can also modify permalinks very easily.


  1. Go to your admin area, click on” settings” link.
  2. then, click on “permalinks”.

a new page will open which will look like this:-

you can see that there are many options available.

• Plain


• Day and name


• Month and name


• Numeric


• Post name


• Custom Structure

Choose your own URL structure using available tags

we will explain all the above options

• Plain-It is used by WordPress as a default URL structure but this not an SEO Friendly URL structure.

• Day and Name-It is not good for SEO because it contains date which will make URL very lengthy and one more disadvantage is that after some time your content will be outdated(old).

• Month and Name-Disadvantage is that after some time your content will be old and it is not so good for SEO.

• Numeric -It is not SEO Friendly URL structure.It will be difficult for a user to navigate on your site.If you use this structure and it will also decrease your SEO ranking.

• post name-It is SEO friendly URL structure, it will help your website to get more traffic and it will improve user experience and it is very good for search engine.

• custom structure-Use your own structure and Just make sure that URL is SEO friendly.In order to use custom structure, you need to add special tags.

Example we use this custom structure:- /%category%/%postname%/

It is important that how each tag is used between percent sign.Notice the” trailing(%) and slashes(/)” before, after and between the tags.(important)

NOTE:-Month and Name’ and’Day and Name’ this two structure is good for websites which are related to news.

Create “Custom URL Structure using different types of tags”

There are too many tags and by using that tags you can make your own custom URL structure.Here, we will explain you about some tags:-

• %hour% – it will show Hour of the day, example:-13

• %minute% – It will show Minute of the hour, example:-56

• %year% – It will show year of the post, four digits, example:-2017

• %monthnum% – It will show Month of the year, example:-8

• %day% – It will show Day of the month, example:-11

• %second% –It will show Second of the minute, example:-65

• %postname% – If your post title is ” How to make a website using WordPress” then It would become like this “How-to-make-website-using-WordPress ” in the URL.you can also edit/modify it.

• %post_id% – It will show unique ID of the post, example: -355

• %category% – It will show the category name and nested sub-categories will appear as nested directories in the URL and you can edit/modify it.

• %author% –It will show author name.

then click onSave the changes ” link then it will automatically update your site URL.

You can use any of them but use tags which will improve website usability and help your website to rank top on a search engine.

Therefore, use SEO friendly structure.

Websites which are already established(warning)

we advise you that websites which are already established they don’t need to change permalink structure because if you change URL structure of your website then you will lose all the social sharing and existing SEO ranking.(you can hire professional for this)

you can change your website URL structure, if your URL is not SEO friendly then you must need to change it.yes, you will lose all your social sharing but it will help your website to get more traffic.

So, we always advise you to use S.E. O friendly URL structure (permalinks) and it will make your website more user-friendly.


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  1. Structuring a URL is necessary for an improved user experience and search engine optimization. Online businesses are designed with the URLs so it requires to be important, human readable and search engine friendly.

    I was actually considering of what precisely I should do improve my blog ranking before I came across your post. About permalink – use essential words in the first 3 words of URL to make it understandable. Users are more likely to click on a site that makes sense to them. Permalinks structure is one of the major element to rank higher in the Google search engine. Although I have regularly avoided the use of “stop words” in my permalink structure, but this post has redeclared my thinking & that’s what professionals are already doing.

    Quick suggestion; “Hyphens” &”Underscore” are the basic word separators used in the URL. My advice is to avoid underscores as word separators in URLs. Anyways, thanks for sharing the resourceful article. I like articles of this type, ones that make you actually think. This has encouraged me a lot and I hope it will improve my ranking in Google.


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