Free software for students

Free Software For students available in the market and so, I have done lots of research and I have found some free and best student software.

Here I have shared those free student software and it includes like:- antivirus, video editing, audio editing, Programming or coding.

This list contains software which you have never used before.

These software’s has paid version but don’t worry free versions has lots of features in it, which you can use for study, music making, coding, or video editing, etc.

Without wasting any time just take a look below to see all the Free software for students.

Free software for students – list 


Antivirus is very expensive for students but has a free version which is best for pc or laptop.

It will help you to protect your pc from virus, malicious documents, and tools.

Here we will share some of the best free and popular antivirus for protecting your pc.

So here I’m gonna share 10 Antivirus Free software for students for protecting their pc or laptop.

1.Comodo free antivirus 

comodo- software for student

Support:- Mac, Windows, Linux

Comodo is powerful software and protects your computer malware and virus etc.

It will scan your computer for malicious files or programme and then it will remove all virus or malware from your computer.

After scanning, it put all malicious files into “Quarantine” which collect important data and then users have a choice to remove the malicious file permanently from the pc.

It can protect your pc from the latest malware threats. comodo is free and is easy to use.

It has features to scan your pc every day automatically.

Comodo is one of the important free software for students to protect their pc from the malicious file. By removing malware It will improve the speed and performance of the pc or laptop.

2.AVAST Free Antivirus

support:- Windows, Mac, Linux

Avast is one of the popular antivirus and maybe you heard about this software.

It protects your pc from a hacker by detecting all the malicious files and also from viruses, spyware, worms, Trojans and malicious adware.

If you play games on your pc then it will help to speed up your game performance by disabling some functions while you are playing.

Avast can scan browser and emails to protect from a malicious website and virus.

students can use Avast for more security.

sometimes it slows down the computer while it scanning.

it’s free software for students that’s why it has a limitation and it’s paid version is very secure and powerful.

3.AVG Antivirus Free

avg antivirus for students

Support:- windows, mac, Linux

Avg free antivirus is very popular antivirus and it is very secure and powerful and it is one of the helpful free software for students.

But there is one problem is that it takes more space and ads will up pop up.

If you are okay with that then this is best. It can protect your pc while you are browsing and it will protect your pc from trojans, malware, phishing, etc.

Avg scans incoming and outgoing emails and it also uses a red, green, yellow color to tell threat risk in your browser.

4.Avira free antivirus

Support:- Mac, Windows, Linux

avira -software for student

Support on Smartphone os:- android, ios

Avira is also antivirus it is also popular in the market for the protection of PC, Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, etc.

It is a light program so it will not affect your computer storage space and for students, this software is also best.

It also has strong and Powerful virus detection features to protect your computer as well as it will protect your computer from trojans spyware.

Avira is free software for students. It is free that’s why ads will pop up and it is a little bit annoying.

When you are visiting a site which is dangerous, at that time Avira displays a warning message in the browser and also you can check that what causing that warning.

5.Bitdefender antivirus free

bitdefender - best software for students

Bitdefender provides very powerful protection against malware, trojans, adware, etc, and it is also one of the top free software for students.

It is very easy to install on your pc and you don’t have to schedule for a scan because it will scan your computer automatically.

Bitdefender also scans all the emails to protect your computer from phishing and malicious virus. It can block the malicious website.

it doesn’t give any false alarms which means it catches 100% accurate malware threat.

In the free version, there is no option for scheduling and settings.

BitDefender has paid version which will only cost you 30$/ year and it’s a good price for computer protection.

microsoft security essential

support:- windows

microsoft security essential antivirus software is a default antivirus protection for windows.

It provides protection against various types of malware, trojans and it is free to use.

it is very easy to use for students and interface is simple and it can detect malware or malicious files very easily.

good thing is that it is a part of Microsoft and if you are a windows users than Microsoft security essential is already installed on your pc.

It will scan your computer regularly and if it finds any malware, it will show notification and you will be able to remove malware from your computer.

If you are a windows user then just activate Microsoft security essentials and that’s it, it will do the rest of the works.

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Office suite Student software (Free)

Everybody needs Office software for their work and office suits contain tools which are very helpful for making projects.

Some of the office suits are expensive to use so that’s why by doing some research I found the free suits which will help you in your studies or in your project work.

I’ll definitely suggest students use this free office suits.

So here I have shared some amazing office suite tools below.

Libre office

LibreOffice is one of the most helpful and popular open source office tools, which is very comfortable with Microsoft it has all the tools like words, Excel and PowerPoint and many more.

It is very important and easy to use free software for students.

Nowadays students need office suits like Microsoft for project purpose for studying but Microsoft Office Suite is expensive but the libra office has the same tools like Microsoft and it is free to use you will see no ads.

You can open different format files and even Microsoft files such as DOCX, DOC, PPT, PPTX, and many more.

you can also add extra translate manually. It gets frequents updates.

Libraoffice contains 6 programs for every office task:- Writer, draw, impress, base and Calculator.

Also, the interface looks very modern and amazing and it has more interface customization options.

Because of its amazing features, I’ll definitely recommend this for students.

Google doc slides sheets

Doc,slides-software for student

Support: Windows, Mac, web-based, ios and android

Google doc is one of the helpful free software for students because it has very helpful features for students.

You can create a presentation spreadsheet and document easily and it is easy to use.

It has an amazing feature that you can invite others to give access and edit your files and it is very helpful group projects.

You can also upload different file formats such as RTF, CSV, DOC, XLS, ODT, PPT and ODS formats.

Don’t worry about storage because Google provides enough storage which can Store your project in Google Drive.

So you will not lose any work which you have done previously. Google doc business version will cost you £3 per month and you will get more advanced tools and features.

Image editing free software for students

Right now, the image editor is very popular because of social media.

although social media like facebook, Instagram provides cool filters to decorate or design an image and that’s not enough.

so, for pro-level editing, you will need some good editing tool but most of them are highly paid.

Don’t worry below I’m have shared the best image editing free software for students.

All of the tools are best for image editing and it’s up to you which one you are going to use or you can use all of them.

These tools have many features and it is easy to use and totally free software for students.

you can save your image in any format you want whether it is in png, jpg, svg, gif or anything else.


support:- windows, mac, Linux

Gimp (GNU image manipulation program) is very popular.

gimp has powerful features similar to adobe photoshop.

They offer many editing tools which are simple and also some of them are complex.

Gimp has similar features to adobe photoshop, but the user interface is different.

I’ll definitely suggest this for beginners and as well as for pro.

Gimp also has lots of plug-in available which help to make editing easier and you will be able to use more advanced editing tools.

Gimp provides features for the advanced user including layer masks, filters, 3d commands, animation package, and Bezier curves, etc.

Students can easily convert the image into a different format. For example png to jpeg.

Because of all those features, Gimp is very helpful software for students, who want a draw and to edit an image to decorate it.


support:- web-based, Android, ios

pixlr is very popular and one of the best image editing software for students and also an alternative to photoshop.

you can use it without downloading the software because it is web-based.

Just go to their official website and sign up and use their filters to decorate your image.

Pixlr has different types of tools different purpose and user interface is very good.

It has amazing features like Layers, Adjustments, Filters, Texts & Fonts, Magic Wand, Lasso, Brushes, Eraser, Object Transform, Color, Replace, Digital Painting, Image Retouching, Digital Inking, Photo Collage, Effects and many more.

pixlr also available for android, ios and it means students can customize your images from your smartphones and you can save your images into your gallery.

pixlr is used by many professionals for adding cool effects and also it is free to use.

It gives good competition to other expensive image editors.

students can use this image editor but after a little bit of practice, students can use it very easily.

Photoshop express free

photoshop express

It is a free image editing software for windows and mobiles devices, photoshop express is a very well known top quality tool.

photoshop express is the best free software for students who want to become an image editor or professional photographers.

It provides some basic and some advanced tools for enhancing images.

photoshop express is free that’s why it has a limitation that is, only support jpeg file smaller than 16MP and also no wider than 8,191.

An interface is very good and the menus are uncluttered.

In photoshop express Tools are split into two categories: Edit and Decorate.

it includes standard options like cropping, resizing, white balance and saturation adjustment.

It also has more advanced and unusual tools that you won’t be able to find in most online photo editors like an excellent fill light option for reducing harsh shadows and also autocorrect setting which will suggest different types of quick adjustments to your image’s colors, with just one click.

Students can revert to original images at any time. It’s a free version that’s why there is no option for social media share.

Support:- Windows is known for its simplicity and it also has advanced features, which will help you to create beautiful images.

It has different types of plugins for different purpose like a GIMP but it is not powerful enough against GIMP.

Professionals also use this software for the images.

In you can adjust the brightness of images, curves, saturation, hue, contrast, level and also you can sharpen, emboss and distort an image.

You can also remove that pesky red-eye effect from your images with just a few clicks.

There is a simple text editor, Gradient tool, powerful zoom features.

also, it has a Clone Stamp tool which will help you to clean up grainy.

It has so many features which are available only in expensive tools and I’ll also suggest is free software for students.

Because of its simplicity and user-friendly interface, students can easily use this tool.

Photo pos pro

photo pos pro osftware for students

Support:-  Windows

It has Smart interface and Phtots pos pro has Beginner and advanced modes but Limited file export resolution.

Photo Pos Pro software is not that well known as and GIMP but it is also another top-quality free photo editor which has advanced Image enhancing tools to make images more attractive.

Photo pos pro has many filters and cool effects for images and its pretty good free software for students.

It has paid version which you can try free for 21 days.


photoscape- software for students

it is a simple photo editor but it has some cool features which can enhance images very beautifully.

It has some amazing features like raw conversion, merging, animated GIF creation,  and photo splitting. you can also print lined, sheet music paper and graph.

photoscape is one of the best free software for students who need some basic cool features.

It cannot compete against GIMP  but it is not at all for beginners because it has some advanced functions.

It has “undo” function if you did any mistake at the time of enhancing the images.


fotor- image editor software for students

support:- windows, mac, web-based

Fotor is very amazing free software for students and one of best photo enhancing software for editing images.

It has lots of premium filters which are free but does not support plugins.

you can enhance your images with just one click and it is very easy to use.

Fotor supports all the most popular image file formats like jpeg, png and many more.

It provides RAW file processing functions, which you will get only on expensive photo-editor.

fotor cannot compete against GIMP but it has features which will help you to enhance your image very easily.

it doesn’t have features like GIMP but very easy to use or user-friendly.

It has a simple interface with basic features and cool filters.

students can learn all basic editing from Fotor and then after mastering fotor, they can go for the GIMP.

It has functions like Basic Edit Adjustment, Basic Effects, Basic Portrait Touch-Up, Classic Content, Basic HDR Tech, photo effects, Advanced Beauty features, stylized photo frames, custom-designed stickers, Artistically designed backgrounds and textures, exquisite collage templates, design templates dimensions.

Audio editing free software for students

if you working with audio files and you want to edit an audio files etc, you will need a tool for that.

There are lots of tools present which are very expensive.

so here I have shared 5 best audio editor which is very popular, powerful and free.

These free tools are used by many professionals to edit music.


Audacity -software for students

It is a very powerful and popular free music editor.

Audacity provides features that are found in premium audio editing software.

you can use audacity to remove noise, cut and combine clips and also you can add any effects.

but that’s many features is not enough then you can use plugins, that will add new cool features or you can integrate audacity with other applications.

it has no limits on the length or size of the audio files.

audacity is very awesome free software for students, who want to be an audio editor, music engineer or want to be a singer.

It will help you a lot in audio editing.

It has 100s of tools for a different purpose and it is very easy to use and has a simple interface.


oceanaudio- free audio editor software for student

Another amazing software after audacity, It is also the popular audio editor.

oceanaudio has various types of features for different purpose like speed up, cut clip and also real-time effect previewing feature.

it is very easy to use and not complex like audacity. Ocenaudio is easy to master.

the interface is user-friendly and it will help you lot at the audio editing.

if you are a beginner in audio editing than it is best to start with.

here you can also use different filters to add effects.

it is not an open source like audacity and also not support for effect stacks.

you can add VST plugins to add extra features.

It has some limitation but it is free software for students. students can use this software to learn all the basic editing.

DVDvideosoft Free audio editor

audio editor software for students

Free audio editor by DVDvideosoft is one of the free audio editing student software.

The free audio editing software is best for basic cutting and editing of songs and also for converting file Formats.

It is a simple audio editing tool for very beginner students.

so it is best for the student, after mastering this, students can go for audacity.

It has a very simple and clear interface but it can’t edit stereo tracks individually and it has no filters.

Ashampoo Music Studio

Ashampoo Music Studio software for students

It is one of the popular simpliest audio editing free software for students and as well as a media player.

it looks very awesome and it is extremely easy to use and look very simple.

Ashampoo only provides features like splitting, trimming and change the volume.

You can cut, copy, paste.

it does not have any advanced tools like noise reductions and filters.

so, this software is good for basic editing and student can use this for basic editing purpose.

Students, you must be thinking about which one you need right ?? if yes, then my suggestion is that audacity is best and I know it’s a little bit tough for students.

you can watch audacity tutorials on youtube.

After watching you will be able yo use audacity very comfortably. so try it or you can use simple audio editor also.

Video editing – Student software (Free) 

There are so many video editors in the market and popular video editors are expensive to use and it will cost you thousand bucks.

so that’s why I have shared some video editing free software for students, which will help the students, who want to make a video project or want to be a video blogger, youtuber and want to create an attractive video for free.

Here I have shared 2 video editing free software for students which will help you to build an amazing video you just check it and it’s your choice that which you want.



Support:- windows, mac, Linux

Openshot is very popular and free video editing tool which has amazing features.

If you want to download this software You can download it from their official website open shot.

It has drag and drops unlimited tracks and layers, based keyframe animation, burn the DVDs and 3D animated titles and effects.

It Shows real-time reviews.

Very easy to use interface and also it is open source software.

You can do clip resizing, trimming scaling, snapping and rotation. You can also do frame-stepping, time-mapping, audio mixing, plus motion picture credit scrolling.

If you are a student and you want to be a YouTuber than it is the best free software for students beginners and also for professionals.

Videopad is another video editor, which has features cool effects to make videos beautiful.

Students can use this tool for preparing YouTube videos or projects something like that.

Openshot is free software for students and that’s why it does not have so many premium features.

but it has enough features to create an awesome video that’s why it is one of the best free software for students.

It has features like the drag and drop, translation, 3d video editing, video stabilization, tax, and caption overlay, color control, and free built-in sound effects.

You can change the speed of the video and also you can reverse the videos, burn DVD.

you can import music or audio files and also can export videos to YouTube. In a variety of resolution like 2K and 4K etc.

Vsdc free video editor

VSDC free video editor -software for student

Supports:- windows

Vsdc is a very powerful free software for students, which is definitely not for beginners but the features it has, you will not be able to find anywhere else.

Many professional video editors used it for making videos more beautiful and attractive.

Students can use it to add text, audio, animations, shapes, lines, charts and you can export videos in a variety of format.

If you want to record your screen then it has a screen recorder which will help you to record your screen very easily with just a few clicks.

You need a little bit of practice and after that, you will be able to use these amazing software for creating good videos.


blender- free software for students

Blender is one of the best videos editors and it is an open source software means it can be used by anyone freely.

It has a lot of features in it which you will only find in premium editors and blender used by the professional video editor.

that’s why blender is included in this list of “Free software for students”.

You will be amazed by using this software but for beginners it is difficult.

So, before start using it, you can use very simple video editor such as openshot.

After mastering the openshot software you can use this software and you will be able to make an amazing video.

Programming free software for students 

If students are interested in programming or coding than I have found the best free software for programming.


Notepad++ best software for student

supports:- windows

Students, Notepad++ is one of the most popular and most used software for coding and it’s absolutely free software for students.

it supports many programming languages such as PHP, javascript, HTML, CSS, C, C++ and many more.

Notepad++ is an open source code editor.

for beginner students, it is easy to use and also it comes with FTP plugin, means you can connect it to your website server and also you can edit files in the editor.

students can practice coding in notepad++ and also students can build software or application using it.

Bare bones software (TextWrangler)

Bare bones

support:- mac

It is a powerful all-purpose text and code editor for macOS

it has a very simpler user interface and you can browse files easily.

TextWrangler has replaced the tool and also an advanced search tool.

it has syntax highlighting function like notepad++.

students can use it very easily.

it supports UTF-8 and also can convert character encoding of text documents.

TextWrangler has combined with bare-bones software and now it is part of it, you can use this software free for 30 days and it has lots of features.


support:- windows, mac, Linux

Atom is one of the popular software and it is used by professionals.

it has a simple interface and atom is free software for students.

it has features such as smart autocompletion, multiple panes, cross-platform editing and also support command platte.

Atom support plugin to add any features.

visual code editor

It is an open source code editor software and it is developed by Microsoft.

it provides built-in support for coding languages such as javascript, node.js, typescript, etc.

It has features such as code refactoring, debugging, extensible and customizable, easy working with git and other software configuration management providers.


support- Mac, Linux, windows

it is one of popular lightweight software developed by Adobe for programming purpose and free software for students.

brackets provide features such as live preview, inline editors, quick edit UI features.

It is specially developed for macOS and it has inbuilt extension manager for effective and fast extension management.

Net beans

Here is another amazing code editor, which is free software for students, where students can write code.

It supports coding languages like c++, Java, PHP, and other programming languages.

NetBeans is also code analyzer and converters.

you can also upgrade your app to Java 8 language.

It offers smart and fast code editing, rapid user interface development, also help you to write bug-free code.


bluefish is one of the best cross-platform coding editor software and students can use it for different cross-platform coding.

It is one of the free software for students and It can handle many files simultaneously.

bluefish offers many features for the web developer and programmers.

it has another option to do undo/redo, which is great for the programmers.

Thank you for Reading this article on student software and if you have any doubts then comment below. keep supporting us.

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