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Suho profile Exo: Suho member of EXO profile


Real NameKim Jun Myeon
Stage NameSuho
Occupation/career Singer
Born in22 May 1991
Birth placeSeoul city, in south Korea


Height (approx) 173 cm ( 5 feet 8 inches)
Weight (approx)60 kg ( 121lbs)

Suho was born in the city of Seoul, South Korea, but grew up in Busan, and Busan is his father’s hometown.

In his family he has a father, mother and brother who is 4 years older than him.

He started dreaming of becoming a singer when he was in primary school.

In 2006 he joined SM.

When he was a trainee he traveled to china with Minho from SHINee to learn Chinese Mandarin language.

He has a good friendship with minho from their college days.

He also has some nicknames like : Leader, Sunnouncer , Jun Ma Hao, Esuhort.

His personality is considerate, humble and exemplary.

Suho looks like “Choi Siwan” from Super Junior.

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun mentioned him in the “MR. Simple” album.

Previously in the dorm Suho and Sehun used to share the room but in the recent interview it revealed that now they have their own separate rooms.

He has a habit of clearing his throat by making “ah” sound.

He made a small appearance in the music video of “hahaha song”  by TVXQ with other members Chanyeol and kai.

Once he volunteered at RCY shelter to help children with disabilities and he played with them and managed the facilities.

He tells funny jokes all the time but other members said that his jokes are not funny at all.

Bakhyun reveals that if Suho gets a small or minor injury he will scream as if it is too painful.

He is a polite person and if there is any problem he prefers to solve that issue through peaceful dialogue.

He likes to buy delicious foods for all the members.

Suho’s religion is Buddhist.

He has very good friendship with Sehun as they have been friends for almost 10 years.

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