Taehyun (TXT) Profile & Facts: Bio, Hobbies

Taehyun profile: Taehyun (TXT) Facts

Taehyun is a member of TXT boy band


Real NameKang Tae Hyun
Stage NameTaehyun
OccupationSinger, Vocalist
Born in5th Feb 2002
Zodiac signAquarius
Birth placeSeoul city, in Gangnam-gu Province, South Korea.


Height (approx)179 cm(5 Feet 10 Inchs)
Weight (approx)56 kg (123lbs)


In his family Mom, daddy and one elder sister, she is 4 years older than taehyun.

He was a student of hanlim arts school.

On 17th Jan 2019, he was introduced by SM ent as a 4th member of TXT officially.

Taehyun’s Representative animal and Flower is: caique Parrot and Daffodil Flower.

His hobbies are playing football and swimming.

He revealed that he used to pretend to be confident earlier (it means he was weak but he acted like he was confident) but now his personality has changed.

He is the type of person who prefers to live in the present rather than worrying about the future.

Pd-nim ​​taught him that Tahyun should think of himself as a handsome person.

He does not like to eat mint chocolate chip ice cream.

One thing is that he is a lefty i.e. he is left handed.

When he sleeps his eyes are wide open and the eyes are not completely closed and Sobin reveals that sometimes you have to check him to see if he is actually sleeping or not.

He is well matured and Passionate

He reveals that one of the rules in the dorm is that everyone who is using the shower needs to come within 3 songs.

When he was a kid he used to make educational videos to teach kids how to speak English.

Also His sister can speak good English.

He is very much interested in Photography.

According to Netizen of South Korea , he was in one or more local commercial ads.

Yeonjun revealed that taehyun is incharge of fashion in the group.

He loves to have sweet things and his favorite is Caramel Frappuccino.

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