Tags vs Categories which is better taxonomies

Tags vs Categories, Beginner who are using WordPress, they usually have lots of doubt on their mind.WordPress is popular and it is used by the most website and it allows to create logical groups of content.

This article is about:-

  • Difference between tags and categories
  •  how to use them on website or blog

Tags vs Categories, this is almost similar but they have different features.categories and tags are two taxonomies in WordPress.

It will sort your content to improve the usability of your website and It will help readers to navigate in your site easily by using topic.

wordpress- tags vs categories

Difference between “tags vs categories”:-

Categories:-If you are posting contents related to same topic then they are  denote as  categories.It help readers to find the content easily on your website.If you are making lots of post related to this category(Website making) and you are adding all   that  post   in same category  are denote as categories.

Categories  are hierarchical,so you can create sub-categories.It help users to identify what your blog is about.


  • Categories name=Website making

Sub-categories:- It is a sub category of Parental category.if you are posting lots of content about themes then create sub-category for that post related to themes.


  • category – “website making”
    • sub- category-“theme”


Tags :- 

  • Tags are not hierarchical but it help to describe specific details of your post.
  • This are  micro-data and you can use it to micro-categorize your content.
  • A tag  reflect the article usually in one or two word and tags is a blog index.

 Example:-you’r blog is about” WordPress website making” and you are posting lots of content related to “WordPress plugins” then  add it in the” WordPress website making” category or You can use tags like “WordPress plugins”  in place of categories.

Both tags and categories help to categorize, they are very different but both help users to find the topic in your website.

Another difference is the way your category and tags permalinks (URL) look:-

Category(URL):- https//wikitoinfo.com/category/WordPress website making/

Tag(URL):-https://wikitoinfo.com/tag/WordPress plugins/

WordPress is good for SEO

 In WordPress selecting category is good for SEO .Websites or blog with content that focused in 5-10 keyword  get better search engine then a other website  which have bunch of categories, which may or may not be related with targeted keywords.

it is important that your content fits to the targeted keyword, If your targeted keyword gets very popular, change that keyword into category.

organize your content because if your blog using categories which is not focus in what you are writing about then google makes it harder for the website to rise on top with messy content.

Category (archives)

Indexing content properly is beneficial for SEO. WordPress have a simple chronological list of post within a category which is not optimized for SEO but we have a solution for it.

Add Description in every category:- add description anytime in any category by editing the category.so go the post >>category in WordPress dashboard then edit any  individual categories and add description.add category description in wordpress


Do not index archive sub-pages:- It is very important to no-index SubPages of the archives so that it avoid getting flagged for duplicate content.

you can  “noindex Subpages” easily by using SEO yoast

noindex archives in yoast

Tags and SEO

Different website use different strategy for SEO, but we advise you  to “noindex tag archives.

so, for this you can use again SEO by yoast plugin.

Tags  help user to navigate on your site so that user can find what they exactly want to find.

you need to “noindex” tag archives because

  •  tags are not focused keyword’s but if you index your tags then it will decrease your SEO ranking.
  • also your content will flagged as duplicate content because you may use  similar tags in many post.

So, it is very important to “noindex” tags.

NOTE:- do not use too many tags, like you have 300 post and  you are using 1000 keyword and it will be very hard  for your website to rank on top, so use tags which will help user to navigate in your site.

category vs tags:-which is better for SEO

Now, you know all about tags and categories and features of them.

If you use both tags and categories then:-

  • It will  increase website ranking.
  • It will help readers to navigate in your site easily.

they meant to be use together.So we advise you  to use both of them.

you can also check this guide:-

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