9 Tips for a Successful YouTube Art Channel

If you have a passion for teaching people with enthusiasm and make people draw, paint, or animate the picture, you should consider starting a YouTube channel.

Starting a YouTube channel is the smart thing to explore your passion with others as a freelancer.

YouTube channels are not new as it is the second-largest social media used by 2 billion people regularly for approximately an hour.

If you want to create and run a successful YouTube art channel, follow these simple tips.

Before moving into the tips, try to answer these questions. If the answer to all your questions is yes, then you can run your YouTube channel successfully.

Can you publish YouTube videos once a week?
Are you specialized in any art/ skill?

Can you list out 50- 100 videos for your channel in a day?

Do you have the skills for delivering a quality video?

Tips for succesful youtube channel

1.Be Specific

Artists need to focus on one specific area and create content around it. You can talk about the work style, technique, and life as an artist, and there are so many things to be covered in a single heading. Be specific with your art as your audience will be more interested to know everything about it. Try to upload tutorials, time-lapse videos, basic or nuanced drawings, and artworks regularly. If you aim to make money online, then be confident about your skill and never set back.

2.Title Says All

The title is an essential part of your YouTube channel. The title must be crisp and concise. Use characters not more than 55- 60 for creating the title. It is wise to use your original name or short name with art at the end. Don’t use numbers as the most audience will avoid those names.

3.Create Quality Content

Rehearse the content of your video several times until you are satisfied and create a video. Excellent content may pop up in our mind during a short walk or on a long trip. Make a note of those ideas and try to bring them out in your videos. Sometimes tutorials for beginners will bring more views than other videos. So try to introduce many new things with an excellent script for every level of the audience. Quality contents are incomplete without edits. VideoCreek is the best online resource for editing your videos on the go.

4.Talk About Current Trends

Current trends are among the most searched keywords under any category, so if you find any upcoming excellent art products, you can create a video to explain it. Current trends will help you to be at the top of the searches. For increasing the number of viewers, you can use current trends. But remember, current trends are not fruitful for the long term. You need to update your videos every two months. Better talk about current trends within a small time frame.

5.Be Confident

Audiences like to see the face of the artist during the video. So be sure to show your face. Speak with confidence and don’t read from a script. Try to be energetic and engaging with the audience. Use simple notes to make sure you cover the entire topic. Don’t use a plain background that can your audience. A small money plant in the backdrop will create a difference in the presentation. Don’t make videos longer than 10 minutes until your channel has been verified and garners a good number of followers.


Thumbnails define your video. They should deliver the content of the video and allure the audience to watch it. Set a photoshoot for the video to get an inspiring image for your video. It can be done either at the middle or end of the video shoot. Thumbnails should not contain excessive text. Make it simple, bold, and descriptive. You can use bold titles in the images too. Keep in mind that art channels require attention-grabbing images to stand aside. Try to use something unique in all your thumbnails to make your audience watch your new videos. It can be similar font size, frame, or animated character.


YouTube channel keywords are the meta tags that search engines use to find your channel. Create your channel that is tag-based on YouTube searches. The tags are allowed on YouTube with a total character length of 400. You can create 5- 8 tags for a video. Use the most primary keyword phrase as the first tag and use multi-word tags for improving your rank. Users and Youtube less appreciate the videos with more than 15 tags.

8.Interact with Fans and Users

Keep some interacting sessions using YouTube live. Even during videos, ask more questions to your viewers and encourage them to drop their comments and questions in the comments section. The interaction will provide ideas for your next video and more subscribers. If you cannot answer all the questions of your viewers, create a separate video to answer them, which will be more engaging. Studies have found that users like active Youtubers and not passive people. Contribute some time regularly to answer the queries and accept their appreciation.

9.Be Alluring and Articulate

It is not a bad idea to use music in your videos, but don’t over overdo it. While explaining your art, speak slowly and clearly. Leave small gaps in your talk and try to use more questions during the tutorial and provide the answers in a precise and explicit way. Voice is the best artwork unique to artists. They must use it wisely for a bright career. Youtube intro makers can be used to make your videos stand out from the competitors. Check here for more info.


Since a lot of artists are creating videos of their skills and highlighting it, artists have to work hard to shine among them. With heavy competition in the field, it is always good to watch your competitors regularly. Make sure to use a good quality camera with lighting to highlight the skills. Use tools that fit your business needs and goals.

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