what is CDN and features of using CDN on Website

What is CDN (Content delivery network)

CDN is a network of a server, which help to deliver cached static content from the website to users, using users location server .content delivery server is spread through out the World.

When any users visit your site from the different location then normally they redirect to mileswebhosting server.
But if your website receives big volume of traffic, it may crash because of high traffic.
If you use CDN on your site then it will help the user to get website static content from their nearest location server.
Basically, it will help to increase your website speed.
When you used Content Delivery Network on your site, it will cache your site and stored it in all the server.
whenever users visit your site then it will redirect them to their nearest server.

Why to use CDN on your site or WordPress site.

 It creates huge impact on your website by giving your website speed and better navigation.
 Speedup – it will your website to get faster.
 Stop website crash- If your website crashing because of high traffic, then use of CDN will stop the crash problem.
 Improved User Experience  — fast site means improved the user experience.
increased in page views and numbers of pages viewed by each user.
 Improvement in SEO – If your site is faster then it will help your website to rank higher in Search Engines.
So, Now you know the importance of CDN in your website by reading above sections.

Best Content Delivery Network provider


It is very popular because it provides a content delivery network, DDoS mitigation, Internet security services.they also provide free service and that’s why it is best.


It is the second most popular and it also provides a content delivery network, good service with lots of features.

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