how to remove comments completely from WordPress site

If you use static pages on your website or else if you don’t need comments section in your post then removing comments section is a good idea. If you want to remove comments completely from WordPress site. In this article, we will show you how to remove comments step by step. Reason for Removing comments in … Read more

How to Disable comments in WordPress

disable comments in wordPress

Disable comments in WordPress is good practice for the website which consists of pages.In this article, we will show how to disable comment easily.Comments are default in WordPress so whenever you will create pages or post they will pop-up.You have to uncheck the comments so that they do not pop up in your content but … Read more

How to rename the Uncategorized category

rename the uncategorized category in WordPress

Beginners always face confusion about “Uncategorized” category in WordPress.It is important to rename the uncategorized category in WordPress because it will help visitors to navigate in your site easily. Default category In WordPress, There are two taxonomies “category and tags’. new installation of WordPress comes with default category and this default category named as “uncategorized’. … Read more

Tags vs Categories which is better taxonomies

wordpress- tags vs categories

Tags vs Categories, Beginner who are using WordPress, they usually have lots of doubt on their mind.WordPress is popular and it is used by the most website and it allows to create logical groups of content. This article is about:- Difference between tags and categories  how to use them on website or blog Tags vs Categories, … Read more vs comparison vs which is better comparison

Beginners face confusion that which one is better, Is it better to choose the Self Hosted, or is it better to choose the,in this article we will provide you pros and cons of  “ vs” In the end, we will also tell you which. One is our pick.  vs … Read more

Posts vs Pages difference in WordPress

posts vs pages in wordpress

There are two types of content in WordPress “posts and pages”.As a beginner, you have many doubts about” what is posts and pages”, when I have to use posts? and when I have to use pages ?.In this article, we will explain the difference between posts vs pages.   Difference between Posts vs Pages • Posts … Read more

Install WordPress Plugins Step by Step guide for Beginners

Install WordPress plugins step by step bye guide

Install  WordPress Plugins easily step by step.First, you need to install  WordPress.WordPress website need plugins which help to add features to your WordPress blog such as add a gallery, slideshow,”Social bar plugin” for sharing.There are many plugins which will help you to add more features to your website.Thousands of free and paid plugins available in … Read more

What is a SEO Friendly URL Structure in WordPress

SEO friendly url structure

Beginners often asked this question that what is the best SEO friendly URL structure? Now, WordPress use SEO friendly structure which is very good for search first you need to know about the “permalink”.We will explain you about SEO friendly structure and how to customize permalink in WordPress?. It is very easy to understand, … Read more

How to start WordPress blog or website

start WordPress blog or website using WordPress guide

Start WordPress blog,Steps are  very easy.Read carefully and I’m sure after reading this article, you will be able to  start your first WordPress blog or website very  easily. You need three things ,to start  WordPress blog:- A domain name  (this will be the name of your blog. i.e A web hosting account (this is where … Read more