Yeonwoo Profile (Former momoland) : Lee da bin Bio

Yeonwoo facts & profile:Yeonwoo Former momoland member


Real NameLee Da Bin
Stage NameYeonwoo
Occupation/career Singer, Actress
Born in1 Aug 1996
Birth placeSeoul city, in South Korea
Zodiac symbolLeo


Height (approx) 169 cm ( 5 feet 7 inches)
Weight (approx)50kg ( 110 lbs)


SchoolSchool of performing arts in Seoul


Her hometown is Seoul, South Korea.

She has one sister, elder to her.

She also has English name, that is chloe.

Yeonwoo completed her education from the school of Performing arts Seoul.

She has some nicknames yeonwoo Neulbo(means lazy yeonwoo) and Dachilie.

Her special ability is that Yeonwoo is very good at drawing.

She has a habit of staring at the ground.

She likes to watch anime, movies and drawing the momoland members.

also she likes to lie down.

Her favorite movies are farewell my Concubine, garden of words , black and dancer in the dark.

She likes to watch one piece anime and her favorite character is Whitebeard.

She likes to do a fishing.

Her favorite food is chicken, takoyaki, and spicy foods.

She is not good at writing.

Right now she is under the MLD entertainment company as an actress.

She was a trainee under Pledis.

She admires sunmi and she is her role model.

Yeonwoo was the MC for the onestyle’s “the show” and “Beautiful life “.

She wanted to act on the Korean drama “Moong Bean Chronicle” but due to her anxiety she was unable to do the act.

Her quotes for life: Live your life as if it is the last day of your life.

Yeonwoo has good friendship with Jiae from Lovelyz, hana from gugundan.

Currently she’s working under MLD entertainment as an actress.

On 29, Nov 2019 , officially it was announced that she left the momoland.

Ideal type for yeonwoo: The person looks like he doesn’t like her, but deep down he likes her.

performed in many Korean dramas such as: pegasus market(2019), the great seducer(2018), happy talk (2017) (season 2), Alice (2020) and touch (2020)

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