Z.Tao Exo Profile & Facts with Birthplace , Appearance

Z.Tao Profile & Facts: Tao’s Birthplace

Z.Tao is a Korean singer and former member of EXO


Real NameHuang Zitao (chinese name)
Stage NameZ.Tao (Former name was Tao)
Born in2 May 1993
Zodiac signTaurus
Birth place Qingdao city, Shandong province, in China


Height (approx)183cm (6 feet)
Weight (approx)70 Kg (154lbs)


He was born in China’s Qingdao, in Shandong. 

Tao also has some funny and cute nicknames such as Kung Fu panda and Peach. 

In his family he is the only child. 

When he was a kid he learned  ” wushu”, wushu is a Martial art. 

His school teacher revealed that when he was in middle school he was a shy student. 

Tao likes a blue color. 

He likes to eat western foods and likes to play basketball. 

Tao favorite music category is R&B and Hip hop. 

He is very emotional and sensitive person and he is well in touch with his feelings. 

In 2010, SM representative scouted him when he was auditioning in MBC star Global audition. 

When he joined SM as a trainee, he did not know Korean and English and therefore had to stay in the manager room to learn Korean.

When he arrived in Korea first time, Chen heard Tao greeting Xiumin with “Oppa, annyeonghaseyo”, and Chen thought Tao was the girl.

He has a tough image but he is sensitive and he gets scared very easily. He is afraid of ghosts. After going to the horror house, he gets scared and then starts crying.

Kris and Tao are very good friends and fans started making intimate memes by editing their images. 

On 24 August 2015, he filed suit against the company.

But on 28th Apr 2017 , it was revealed that he lost the case. 

On 27 October 17, the court gave the final verdict in favor of SM.

But once again on March 15, he appealed to the court to cancel his contract but the court refused and said that he had to continue the contract. 

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